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Are you naming your tabels - what are you calling them?

I really don't want to do numbers, I want something fun that represents us. But every idea I have he shoots down =/

I would love to know what  you guys are doing?

Re: Are you naming your tabels - what are you calling them?

  • Hi! i have been thinking of the same thing... I wanted to do something creative... haven't gotten too far on my thought process but maybe you can do your favorite places to go with eachother (i,e movies, pizza, the beach, etc. ) We love the beach so I might pick some of our favorite beaches to go... What have been some of your suggestions to him? You might give me an idea! :)
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  • Our "theme" (and I use that term loosely) was summer garden so we named each of our tables after flowers that represented love and friendship.  We only had 10 tables and 2 of them were reserved for family so it wasn't too hard coming up with 8 flowers.

    We both love roller coasters so we did consider the idea of using names of some of our favorite coasters but it didn't quite fit with the casual elegance we wanted.

    I've seen people use pics of places they have traveled together as their CP and name their tables accordingly.
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  • Right now we are looking at about 28 tabels.
    I've suggested to name them after places we have lived, our favorite things we like such as video games, ice cream, our dog, our friends house.
    or locations from a videogame (Acually thought he would like that, but no haha)
    or things we wanted to be when we grew up.

    He suggested star systems, which is an interseting idea, but I don't feel like it has much relation to us.

    My latest idea is to name them after weding dates in our family and have their name and wedding photo at the table. I havent piched this idea yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed =)
  • my fiance loves monkeys, so to incorporate some of his interests in the wedding, we are naming our 30 or so tables after different species of monkey.  each table will have a picture of the monkey and it's name. 
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  • I've been thinking about naming tables something to do w/ our dogs. We have two Boston Terriers - and I thought the name of the table would correspond to a picture of them that's on the table. IE- Ari Gold The Pirate, and the picture would be Ari in his pirate halloween costume.
    I'm just not positive because I feel like the names would be really long if they have to describe the pictures.
  • Classic car names... FI and my father both drag race and go to car shows.
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  • We are only having 10-12 tables, so we are using names instead of numbers, but agree with Trix that for 20+ tables, it will be easier for your guests to find their place if you use numbers, in some logical arrangement. Table numbers are, after all, supposed to help guests find their place.

    FWIW, we are using virtues, like generosity, kindness, love, loyalty, etc.
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  • We are huge Disney World fans, but we didn't want a lame Disney wedding, too childish.  So the only thing we are doing is naming our 10 tables after our favorite rides.
  • I saw a picture here on the knot of a couple who did a year with a picture of themselves at that time. Ex: 1987 had a picture of them that year as kids. Then in 2007 picture them that year as adults... etc.. Kind of a cute way to avoid doing the typical numbers, and is entertaining for guests.
  • We are naming our tables after mountains in NH.  My FI is a hiker and we thought it was a personal touch to name the tables after his favorite mountains that he has hiked.  For example, we have a Mount Washington.  We are getting married in October when the foliage is bright up there so it also ties into our colors. 

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  • We got married on Martha's Vineyard, and we have been vacationing there for years so we had many places on the island that were important to us. Each table was named after a place important to us. We didn't have many tables, so it was not hard for guests to find their table.

    Pic of what we did:

  • We are having our wedding at the zoo (a brand new Africa exhibit after hours) so we are naming each of our tables after a different animal- Tiger, Lion, Girraffe, Tiger, Zebra, etc... Still debating how exactly I am going to design the table signs though!

  • Iam jealous...I would love o get married at te zoo. 
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  • Are whole wedding is wine themed so all of our tables will be named after our favorite wines. The "drunk" table or should I say the one we are putting all of our partying friends at will be named grape juice or something fun like that.
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    [QUOTE]We're naming our tables after our favorite classic rock albums.  I didn't want to give them numbers because a. it's kinda boring and if we can personalize something for our wedding, we're both all for it and b. <strong>we didn't want to deal with the "I'm at table 9, why are THEY at table 3" bullcrap.  Some people think their table number reflects the importance they have in the lives of the bride and groom. </strong> It's really stupid and petty and we want to avoid that at all costs.  If you have people on your guest list that might give you crap about what table they're sitting at, you might want to think about this.
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    I have heard people say this but I've never, ever, ever, heard it IRL.  It's just so stupid that it hurts my head to even think about it. 

    Then again,  if people complain about their table number, they're going to complain no matter what table you put them at if it isn't close to the B&G.

    Do you really think that seating someone at a table called "Dark Side of the Moon" instead of table 16 is going to help ifi It's still at the back of the room.  Giving the table a cutesy name isn't going to assuage their anger.
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  • We're going to Paris for our honeymoon, and I've been considering naming each table after a Parisian landmark or neighborhood. If I do that, though, the name and illustration will be on the card with the table number instead of replacing it entirely.
  • We are going to London and Paris on our honeymoon and so we are going to name the tables (10 or so) after places we are going to see on our honeymoon! "The Louvre", "Eiffel Tower", "Bath", "The London Eye", etc.
  • We are still doing numbers but a my FI has become very talented along with a couple of his buddies with welding, and plasma cutters.  So our table numbers will be cut out from stainless steel.  It will be a 4x8 piece with 1" of the piece being rolled under and the number cut out.  We are going to be putting a flameless candle behind them on the tables, for them to stand out.  It took a long time to come up with the idea, but when we finally chose we both love it! Keep talking.
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  • im doing them the providences of panama!

    my family is panamanian so i thought it was cute to do something like that.
  • if you have a favorite sports team make each table a different player.
  • We have done a lot of hiking and backpacking as a couple, so I thought I'd name our seven tables with places we'd been together on the trail.  Our first date was a hike and we're backpacking for our honeymoon.  I know, I know...I haven't met any other bride who backpacks on her honeymoon.  FI has assured me that immediately after the backpack, we'll stay in a luxury resort. 

    I'm also coordinating the sign-in guestbook with photographs of the places we'd been and then following through with that theme on the tables.  Redwood National Park.  Mt. Whitney.  New York City (It is too a jungle!).  Julia Pfeiffer State Park.  Mt. Tamalpais.  Anyway, I am doing something like that, but haven't worked out every detail.  I want to include some cityscape just for fun and to show we like variety.

    I think naming tables is a good conversation starter among guests.  And it's also a great way for guests to get to know the bridal couple better.

  • My FI and I met in London whilst I was studying abroad, so we are going to do various landmarks from the different cities we've visited together.    Since a lot of aspects have turned into what everyone else wants, I think it's a nice idea to have the table names mean something to us. 
  • I don't really get the table names thing because numbers make much more sense to me, but if you're going to go with table names, my advice would be to arrange them in alphabetical order throughout the room.  This will help guide the guests to their tables rather than forcing everyone to read EVERY table card.
  • writerunner we're on the same page - fiance and I do a lot of camping so we're using the names of different parks that we've loved as table names (only 5 tables of 8 + bridal party table).
  • you can be really creative...I am thinking about naming our tables after the different places my FH and I have vacationed together; Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, St. Lucia, Vegas, Tennessee, and North Carolina this summer, plus Atlanta (where we reside).  I think it's a great idea!
  • Our dog is such a part of our family and we aren't able to have him be a part of the ceremony due the rules.  So we wanted to have him present somehow, so we are taking pictures of his favorite places, along with some significant landmarks in Minneapolis.  But they will be labled "Table 2- Elway at the Watch Tower", then the picture to accompany it. 

    For those that want to be creative with the table numbers/names: Make it simple, the names mean something to you, but they may not to your guests.  And I also back the idea of putting the table names in alphabetical order if you can, that will help.  No need to have your Grandma wondering if she is a daisy or a gerbera daisy.

    But I like this idea of using table names a lot, because if its creative enough, it will give your guests something to talk about at the table if they are not all aquainted.

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  • We are having more than 20 tables, but using married couples' in our families wedding dates as the numbers. Their table numbers are intentionally ambiguous, and when the people do mingle and find their table, they will see that the number is a date. There will be a picture of the couple and on the back of the menu cards will be the answers to some questions I sent out to the couples on Valentine's day for them to answer. The questions include: What attracted you to each other? Describe your wedding. What is your advice to newly married couples? etc. Each table is individualized, we got to include our extended families in a part of our wedding, got conversation starters, AND honored love and marriage.

    I want people to go table to table and see them, so I guess it taking a little longer for them to find their table is okay with me. Also, I think people are touched to be included and it is unique and interesting enough that I think it will capture everyone's interest.
  • Naming our tables after our favorite movies. thinking of putting quotes from the movies on the card to make it somewhat of a game for guests to play while we are taking pics
  • We're having a beach themed wedding and there are a number of beach clubs in the area.  We are using beach club names as our table names.  I considered shell names, cabana numbers from the beach club that I went to as a child (This one is in the area too and will be my mother's table) and numbers written in the sand.

    Good Luck!
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