October 2013 Weddings

Calling All October Brides...What's "YOUR" theme??

Hello, Ladies!

I have been engaged to my handsome fiance Leo for exactly 3 weeks! He had the perfect proposal! And I am excited to spend the rest of life with my best friend. We have been knowing each other for 3 years and in a relationship for 2.5 years. He really is my other half!

We are planning a wedding for October 19, 2013 and the numbers 10 and 19 mean so much to those who believe in the significance of numbers in the Bible.

Biblical Meaning of Number 10: deals with completeness that happens in a divine order or completed during a course of time. There's nothing that is left wanting within the complete cycle the number "ten" has just completed. (In today's society this number is looked at mostly when referring to some kind of ranking or describing something that's close to perfection)

Biblical Numerology Meaning 19: deals with the perfection of divine order that is in relation to judgment.

We will be having the wedding in South Florida...either Miami or Fort. Lauderdale and we are quite excited. We will be having a Peacock Theme with an Asian twist. 

So i really haven't gotten much done yet...just trying to get a guest list together first...and that alone has proven to be challenging, haha!

So what is your theme!?? (My name is Brooke by the way!)

Re: Calling All October Brides...What's "YOUR" theme??

  • Old Hollywood Glam is our theme...I love the simple and understated elegance! We're thinking black with silver and red accents.
  • Rustic/Vintage/Southern. Muted neutrals palette with deep purple accents. Lots of mason jars, slices of wood for centerpiece, and it's outdoors, so i don't want a lot of color competeing with the venue.
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  • I don't think we're having a theme. We are having a small wedding. We want elegance on a budget. LOL. Such an oxymoron it seems. Our colors are sapphire blue & silver
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  • Our big day is October 4th which will be our 4 year Anniversary. We are also doing peacock put I wanna mix it up with moroccan theme. I want the setting to look regal & romantic. To have lots of fabric covering the walls and ceiling. With the deep blue, greens, purple,& golds. Lots of candles. The room will glow!
  • We're doing a toned down Dia de los muertos theme. Mostly purple and black with pops of teal, skulls and peacock feathers. 

    But its all DIY so im hoping for the best.

  • My wedding's Oct 26th and we're trying a vintage/rustic theme. The venue is a rustic lodge and just perfect for the theme. The colors will be orange, yellow, red, brown, with a spash of purple (it's my favorite color and the color of the center stone of my engagement ring).

    I just hope that I'll be able to mix the vintage/rustic themes as well as I want to... But I think the peacock theme sounds really neat! I'm a huge fan of lots of color and peacock colors will be gorgeous!

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  • Our theme is Cannon & Cutlass - I'm a pirate as a tour guide/docent and he's a historical reenactor who fires cannons. Our colors will be navy, cream and gold. I'm hoping to have little nautical touches throughout the ceremony and reception. The whole thing is going to be all about old-world elegance, even if we're a little quirky. 
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