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Rhode Island

Newport Yachting Club..

So, Fi and I went and did some Newport Venue browsing. One place we loved particularly was the NYC. It was actually the first place that Fi began talking about how much he liked it BEFORE we had even gotten back to the car!! Usually I'm the one blabbing about the venue and what I liked/disliked. It is slightly more than we had intended on paying, however, it includes a lot of the things i would have upgraded at any other venue such as, Colored Linens, Different choices of China/ glasses, and also the cake is included, and you get to meet with their chef and create your own design and all. So i feel that it sort of balances out compared to the Easton Beach Rotunda we were also looking at where we would need to pay the caterer and linen, china, glassware rentals separately. Perhaps I'm just making excuses to justify the amounts lol. It is $69pp and that includes, 4 butlered hors d'oeuvres, a first course, two entrees, and custom wedding cake, then everything else i had listed above. I personally think that that is what it would be if i were to purchase the hor d'oervres and the dinners seperately else where????   Opinions?? :) Thanks all!!

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Re: Newport Yachting Club..

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    I think you're right- $69/pp is really not bad- I'm pretty sure that's about the average cost. Ours is a little lower than that, but it doesn't include dessert. I think you are justifying correctly! haha.
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    Agree with pp, that price seems great!

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    The Yachting Center is a great location and the staff there are wonderful!  I think that the price for that venue is great, the food is excellent there, it's part of the Newport Harbor Corporation, which includes Smokehouse, The Mooring, Castle Hill, pretty much the best of the best that Newport has to offer.
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    Wow! I can't believe that cost. Originally hwen I looked there they were using Blackstone and I tink its under new ownership now right? So they do all the food there etc.

    Anyway, I will tell you I am having 4 hor dourves, two entree choices and a first course. It does not include my cake, and I am paying around $65 pp. With alcohol included it comes closer to $100 pp

    The cake we got quotes on was around $6pp. So if you include the linens at like $20-30 a table for colored linens, then it really adds up.

    I honestly think for a Newport location you are getting a deal!
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    That's a fantastic price for what you are getting.  I don't even think it needs justifying!
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    i agree with all those who posted - for all that you are getting - holy cow! what a deal!! :) go for it!
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    Phew! I feel slightly better now that i dont feel like im making up excuses! lol. Thanks everyone for your input!

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    My wedding venue in Newport was $77/person for 4 appetizers, first course, 3 main dish selections. Included all china and linens but they didn't have different colors or options, nor did it include cake! So that's a great deal in my book! Did they talk to you about guest parking? That would be my only concern with that location. Otherwise, I say go for it!
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    parking is onsite! and i plan to have a shuttle for those who will be getting a hotel room so they may park at the hotel as well.

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