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April 2010 Siggy

Okay so I noticed no one has started doing Siggy yet so I thought this would be the perfect time to start! :)

Re: April 2010 Siggy

  • Since I am new here, before I vote, what exactly is this? Haha
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  • It's for your signature. Every month you update your signature with a new siggy, I have chaged my date alot before we settled on this one and every board I have been in had it. It's just like a game really and sometimes it can be helpful. This is how it works; everyone votes on a siggy and for example lets say dream wedding dress wins. Well then you put April 2010 Siggy: Dream wedding dress and then under it you put a picture of your dream wedding dress. It's easy :)
  • fun!  i voted.  :)  can't wait to see what happens!
  • Awesome! = D I'm voting now!
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  • its looking like our april siggy is going to be fiance photo,  thing is i dont think our first ever photo (cant remember what it was yet) is in digital format!! i feel so old!
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  • Lol just use the oldest one you can find then
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