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Advice with ceremony/reception locations!!

We live in daytona beach, but lived in Orlando for sometime. When we lived there, we became members of a really great church in Orlando, and would love to get married at it. Would it be too much to ask the guests to drive an hour for the reception in daytona?

Re: Advice with ceremony/reception locations!!

  • Our daughter was married in our family church about 20 minutes from the reception location (same city). Personally, I think it would be best to hold your reception in the same city as the ceremony, if at all possible. First, transporting the wedding party together for an hour's drive could be very expensive and/or cumbersome. If they drive separately, you risk the possibility of excessive traffic, car trouble, or wrecks that might affect key members of your group. Would you want to risk the photographer getting stuck an hour away from the reception location? Transportation aside, the newlyweds will be excited to greet their guests, and the guests will be excited to offer their congratulations. How many times have you been to a wedding where the bridal party stayed behind to take formal photos? The flower girl was hopping up and down, itching for that first dance. The bridal couple was in a fun, lovestruck fog. The attendants were obviously showing their happiness and excitement. I think you would miss out on a lot of those fun emotions if you place an hourlong car ride between the two events.
  • An hour to me is way to far of a distance to go from ceremony to reception. I think people will either go to one or the other if you do that depending on where they live. I recently was at a wedding that there was a 20 min distance between the two sites and that seemed far.
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