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Etsy seller saves the day!

So on March 5th I ordered my custom hanger from a shop on Etsy. I knew that it would take some time to have my order processed and delivered because of the high volume this particular Etsy seller had due to her sale. However, it is now March 30th and I should've had my hanger by now. So here I am going off on the seller about not having my hanger and about to file a claim on this poor woman, when all along it was USPS' fault. She tells me that it was delivered on Mar. 19th, gave me the tracking # and everything... Needless to say, she wasn't lying. So I quickly dialed USPS...
Apparently, the normal mailman is out on medical leave, and there is someone taking his place. My usual mailman usually leaves a slip if I'm not there for me to pick up my pkg from the post office, but the new mailman didn't, which means he probably left my pkg out and now someone else has my "Mrs. Moore" hanger in their closet or he straight up lost it.

Good news is the Manager of the post office is going to look into this issue for me, but the greatest news is that the Etsy seller understood the situation and is going to mail me another hanger tomorrow.  My right mind was telling me to go down to the post office and act a PLUM FOOL, but then I remembered damn... I have more pkgs coming and they may lose my stuff on purpose now so thats probably not a good idea. LOL
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Re: Etsy seller saves the day!

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    Whew, well I'm glad that it worked out in the end.  I don't know if you remember but I had so many issues with my Etsy seller about my bridal hanger and it was no ones fault but her own.  I eventually got it but it was so much hassle dealing with her and she has since sent me this "kiss and make up" thing on Etsy.  I didn't even know Etsy had this function, but I'm still a little peeved at the way she handled the situation so I have yet to respond to her.  I'm glad you had an understanding seller.  Be sure to show us pics when you get your hanger.

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  • I remember your post. As a matter of fact I was thinking about your post when I was going off on this poor seller.I already had my guard up when i found out what the situation was especially since I had been sending messages to the seller for days and received no response from her until today when I mentioned filing a claim.
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  • Wow you found a really nice etsy seller!  I'm glad the issue is getting resolved.  For a moment I was a little nervous about receiving my hanger too, but then it finally
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