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As i mentioned in the GM post my MOH got married this weekend and i figured id give a bit of a mini review of the venue and the dj:

Mayernick center - this venue is beautiful! it looks like a big log cabin and the inside is all wood. i noticed a sign that said max occupancy 192. There were 150 people there and IMO that was the max.. one more table and the dance floor (which was small to begin with) would of been too tiny. There is a separate room where the bar is which is great - there was never a line at the bar! Also, the cookie table(s) were in here along with the buffet table which worked out well. There is a nice bridal party room that is also located in the separate room, and this had a nice one person bathroom..

Food/Drink -  i forget who she told me the caterer was (you get your choice of i think 4 caterers for this venue) but the food was ok. Not excellent but good - i'd give it a 6.5 out of 10. They brought their own alcohol for the wedding, which is a great option to have, money wise!

DJ Eric Wenning - this guy was VERY involved with everything. He did give my MOH (the bride) a bit of a hard time about how she wanted to do a few things (no bridal party dance, our entrance, etc) but all in all i thought he was good and he ended up doing what she wanted. A bit on the cheesy side (IMO), he but kept everyone entertained! I really liked how he came out on the dance floor (he had a headset mic) during the line dances to help keep everyone on beat and facing the right way lol. All in all, i think he was a good dj.. and DF told me a few times that he really thought he did a good job, so that says something!

..just a little food for thought..


Re: mini review!

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    I was at a wedding reception at the Meyernik Center.  I agree - small, but really nice venue if you're having a smaller wedding!
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    Do you know which caterer your friend used for the Mayernik.  We are considering having our wedding there but the menu's aren't appealing to us.  Thanks!

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