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October 2011 Weddings


Hey guys! I didn't mean the day was all about me when I said that it was my special day! I know it's his day to and I'm all about compromise; he's the one who won't! He won't budge on anything including the colors! I have picked several different colors I would be okay with but he only wants his!! I LOVE that he's involoved, but I want it to be about me to! I just don't know how to tell him lovingly to let me help too!!!

Re: Correction!

  • HinajHinaj member
    If he is being my way or nothing, then you need to have a talk to him.  A serious sitdown and tell him how you exactly feel and try to make him understand your side of this as well, it is your wedding too as much as his, so he can't have it all his way. 
  • If he's really determined to have a certain color scheme, maybe the colors have a certain important meaning to him, or maybe he's a rare man who's always dreamed about his wedding day.
    Either way, I would find out what is prompting his hard determination on this subject and remind him it's your day as a couple, and the decisions should be yours as a couple.  There's always middle ground if you seek it out. 

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