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Prince William Not Wearing a Ring?

I saw this on my fb today and thought it was interesting: Article

Apparently Prince William will not be wearing a ring when he gets married.  It sparked an interesting debate on the fb link as to the extent to which women feel their husbands should wear a ring.

I thought I'd bring the discussion to the May '12 ladies to get your thoughts.  So how about it?  Is your FI going to wear a ring after the wedding?  Does it bother you if he doesn't want to?
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Re: Prince William Not Wearing a Ring?

  • My FI will wear a ring but he has never worn any type of jewelry besides a watch so it will be something to see.

    I can see him running through the house now, all frantic with the dog behind him. "Honey, what are you looking for?" "Uh, nothing"
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