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Sticking to a healthy diet on 'blue' days

How do people deal with eating well when they're feeling down?  I'm having one of those kinda down, kinda 'off' days (probably because of the's been cloudy/rainy in Philadelphia for 2 weeks!) and I'm having difficulty even thinking about food.  If I do manage to think about what to eat, all I can think of are bad, bad bad things like mozzarella sticks and mac and cheese and other cheesy, comfort foods.  Am I the only one that experiences this?

I'm just trying to think of ways to get myself to eat on days like this so I don't mess up all the hard work I've been putting in!  Thoughts?
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Re: Sticking to a healthy diet on 'blue' days

  • Unfortunately i love to eat so I dont have this problem, breakfast lunch and dinner are my three very favourite times of day other than bed time!
    You could try finding healthier alternatives to the stuff you want that are more comfort food like. I have lately been making these at home makeshift quesadillas, with a HUGE side of veggies, lots of chicken and a minimal amount of cheese and sourcream inside so it still tastes like a splurge but erally isnt once you count the calories.
  • I combat this with a hot cup of tea! I am in philly as well and the rain is just awful, but having a warm cup of tea really helps warm me up and satisfy me.  Liptons peach/mango tea really craves my sweet tooth and is delicious.

    Also, what about making recipes that are "healthy" mac and cheese.  I have had a ton of great mac & cheese from Also, I have made a ton of recipes from this site that are creamy and super satisfying.
  • Sounds to me like you're craving salt/cheese.

    I find a good way to combat the blue-ness is to give in, but just a little.  And realize that one (small) amount of caving in won't ruin everything.  Just make sure it's a controlled slip and that it doesn't happen too often. 

    Not everyone can be 100% perfect 100% of the time.

    If you want a tasty/healthy salty snack (I guess the sodium level won't be that healthy..) try Edamame.  A cup of that stuff steamed with a generous pinch of kosher salt is soooo tasty and usally more than enough to kill any salt craving I'm having.  Lots of protein too!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    I love food, but I understand your craving for comfort foods on rainy days.

    I usually try to make a lighter version of what I'm craving (think mac and cheese that's 300 cal/serving). Then I pair it with lots of veggies.  I make turkey chili a lot in the winter too. 

    Also, last night I made a creamy enchilada casserole with fat free sour cream and light cream cheese, and minimal shredded cheese.  It's 400 calories a serving, but really hits the spot.  Pair it with a couple servings of veggies or a salad, and it's an acceptable healthy meal.

    These foods aren't ever "off-limits".  As long as you can keep yourself from over indulging, it's perfectly fine to eat these foods now and then. I'd just try to make them yourself instead of hitting up a restaurant on the way home from work. That way, you know exactly how many calories you're getting and  can adjust the rest of your day accordingly.
  • Thanks everyone for all the ideas!  I love the suggestion for making a healthier version of mac and hadn't even occurred to me, since I so rarely eat it [other than the down days every once in a while!].  Love the homemade quesadilla idea, Nebb, thanks!  I had a long day at work so I'm just getting home and we're trying to think of what to make, that may just satisfy the craving without totally blowing my day. 

    And kagkiki, I went and had a hot cup of tea after posting this originally, so it's funny that you suggested that!  Mine was white peach, yummm!  The rain is so horrible :[

    Edamame is probably a great suggestion, too.  I usually eat it raw, but I've heard it's great toasted in the oven, too.

    Thanks, everyone!  It was nice to come home after a day like this and find so many great suggestions to get me through the evening/the next day like this.
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