Help! I need a new venue!

For anyone considering Springstep in Medford, be forewarned, they are closing and are not doing weddings anymore.

I found this out the hard way almost four month after putting down my deposit.

So now I have joined a church in the Medford area, based my decorations and color scheme around Springstep, blocked rooms at the Hyatt across the street, been negotiating with a caterer I may not be able to use now, had the perfect date, and am left in the cold.

Thankfully, money has not exchanged hands except my deposit which I will be getting back.

Any ideas for anywhere reasonable, creative, unique in Boston or the suburbs that isn't on here (I've already looked through every venue in town during my original search...I'm looking for something I may have missed somehow).  Looking at Labor Day Sunday of 2013.


Re: Help! I need a new venue!

  • Hey Laine, 

    Fellow springstep bride here.... I booked the place in February this year for my wedding next March. I'm now 5 months away from my wedding and facing the tough choice of starting over with a new venue or gambleing that they will still be available in March. They seemed decently convinced that they would still be around in March but I'm just not sure what to do. All my vendors are booked so I'm sure I'll be losing a ton of money. 

    Good luck with your search. I'm looking as well and I'll let you know if there is anything that comes close to Springstep. I loved those orange walls. :( 
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  • Sorry you are dealing with this.

    Is there any way to get the money back since they are breaking the contract, not you?
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    Sorry to hear about your dilemna!  If you are looking for a unique space you may want to consider the Epi Center in South Boston, They charge a flat rental fee, but you can bring in your own catering and parking is free. That area has a few churches for a ceremony. Another cool spot is the Cambridge Multicultural Center, Good Luck!

  • Try Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill. You can have the ceremony there on the lawn and the reception space is beautiful. It is very different from the typical ballroom. I don't know what your guest count is but they only hold about 8090 people.
  • First venue that comes to mind is the Griffin  Photography Museum in Winchester or the Lyman Mansion in Waltham,  the Endicott Mansion in Dedham, the Stevens Pierce House in Lincoln.  Oh yes, the Commander's Mansion in Watertown.

  • I think the Cambridge MultiCultural Arts Center might only be 15 minutes away from your original location? It's very pretty.

    Also, check with your caterer--they work lots of weddings and might have a good recommendation.

    Worst case scenario I'm sure there are hotel ballrooms or country clubs near by that could work.
  • I am planning a wedding on the northshore, and I was so happy when I found this website that lists every wedding venue in the northshore area!  I only wish I had found it sooner, so I wouldn't have wasted time compiling my venue option list from various wedding sites and hearsay.  It lists a LOT of venues that the knot does not have in it's database.  I've found it infinitely helpful so I wanted to share!  Sorry about your situation, and good luck finding another venue!
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