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We're starting to look at venues and VA Cliffe Inn, Maggianos and Maymont are on the list. Does anyone have any opinions about any or all of these? I'm relatively new to the area and don't really know where to start. It will be a small reception of about 75, and the only children present will be my 2.


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    VA Cliffe Inn is all outdoors, ceremony & reception area, so depending on your date it may or may not work.

    My sister had her reception at Maggiano's and it was awesome. There's so much food included in the wedding package, it's ridiculous. All very tasty of course because it's Maggiano's. The very accommodating staff does the setup of the placecards and centerpieces if you drop em off.

    Maymont is beautiful! Definitely an iconic Richmond spot. They're on the high end of rental spaces but if your budget allows go for it.
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    Maggiano's is one of my favorite restaurants! Their food is always awesome and looks good even though there's a ton of it (hard to find elements together). I also love their interiors, the dark wood paneling and mirrors seem to dress up really well.
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    I was originally looking at VA Cliffe. I decided on Apple Blossom Plantation in Providence Forge instead because they are more flexible with time. But it's very pretty if you're looking to do a warm weather wedding.

    I love Maymont, but once again I didn't like the lack of flexibility with time. And they book up pretty quickly.

    Congratulations!! Remember to have fun keeps you from going Bridezilla on everyone! Laughing
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