Destination wedding-Do I invite my hair stylist?

I am having a destination wedding and using a hair stylist from my hometown. She has a family of four and is making our wedding weekend into a family mini-vacation. Do I invited she AND her family of four to my wedding? I would love to have her come, but I have  never met her husband and and 2 kids...what do I do?Thanks in advance for your advice.

Re: Destination wedding-Do I invite my hair stylist?

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    Are you paying her travel expenses? If so, I'd consider her a regular vendor and don't think she and her family need to be invited. If she's doing you a favor, invite them all.

    Edit: But if you want to invite her, you need to invite everyone.
  • I am paying her hotel expenses. Thanks for the advice!
  • I'd consider her a vendor.  Unless is she someone you'd like to hang out with socially? If so, then I'd invite her.
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    OP, my jaw hit the floor when I saw this post! I was coming here to ask the EXACT same question. My sister is having a DW. Her hair dresser offered to come along to do her hair the day of the wedding and was really excited about having a "mini vacation". My sister is excited her stylist is so excited about going and wouldn't trust anyone else to do her hair, but now comes the awkward moment of who pays. Obviously she will be fed and she will be asked attend the wedding considering she is going that distance. If the wedding were local, she probably would not be invited. 

    My sister thinks she (my sister) should pay for the flight and hotel, but has no idea if she is expected to pay. Provided the hair stylist knows no one other than myself and the bride, we would assume she would bring a SO or a friend (she is single, dating, single again, dating again...can't keep up). Technically she is a vendor AND a guest. Would the +1 apply here? 

    Sorry for hijacking your post =)

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  • Yeah, I would tend to think to treat them as a vendor. My situation is the exact same as your hairsyilist would know no one either.
    Here is another question...
    My photographer is coming from my hometown also. I am only paying for the hotel stay of our wedding night. (one night). When I talked to my hairstylist, I told her that I would pay 2 nights...THEN, when I told my fiance this, he said that since we are only paying for our photographer's one night stay, the hairstylist should be no differant. How do I go back on that? She said that if she needed to pay for the second night, she would be willing to do so...I just don't want to upset anyone. What do I say to let her know our finances could only cover one night? :/
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