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Nevada-Las Vegas

Help Please! Restaurants that will take just a reservation for a party of 15-22 withouth setting it

The reason we are going to Vegas is because we are paying for everything ourselves wedding wise.  We couldn't afford a big reception at home.  That being said, we can't afford to pay for our guests dinner.  They are all cool with it, now I need to find a restaurant that will let us sit together as a group and do separate tickets....  Anybody know of any place?  We actually will probably do a group dinner the night before, and it doesn't have to be expensive or fancy/formal.

Thanks ladies!  You've been a big help so far!

Re: Help Please! Restaurants that will take just a reservation for a party of 15-22 withouth setting it

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    Not sure about how big of a group Savannah had but she did her's at Yolo's and you might want to look at Cheeseburger Las Vegas because they were pretty flexible and willing to give the private room w/ a really low min...
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    Pretty much any restaurant will let you do this even Maggianos( I know this from eating there over the summer with my friends and their famiies big party) however the problem you will incur is you may not be able to make reservations until the day of.
  • Savannah6783Savannah6783 member
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    We had 20 people and Yolos was more than happy to help us. The problem we found is that every restaurant in Vegas kind of refuses to book a dinner for that many people without booking an event and paying in advance. Yolo's told me to come a day or two before hand and it wouldn't be a problem. If you like mexican, I highly recommend them. They are willing to do a champagne toast and cake cutting with your champagne and cake.
    If you are getting married on a friday or saturday, Yolos hires a DJ and turns the front of the restaurant into a club.
    I do not believe that there is a restaurant on the strip that will turn away that many people, you just have to book it when you get out there. HTH!
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    Yea it can  be done. When my aunt got married a like back in 2001 at the Rio she didn't even plan on having a dinner they didn't decide till like an hour before the ceremony and the cafe in the Rio was happy to take on the 40-50 people for dinner. I believe they paid for half the bill and everyone else just pitched in.
  • Savannah6783Savannah6783 member
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    They divided our bill up between two tables. I believe so that they can add in their 18% gratuity. My stepfather ended up paying for everyone, so it wasn't a problem for us, but if you are having your guests pay for themselves make sure they have cash.
  • mayanutmayanut member
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    Several of the buffets will also do this.  I checked into some for a day-after brunch.  I know Treasure Island and Planet Hollywood buffets will allow you to have everyone pay their own way but then they add on the 18% gratuity that you have to cover.  They will also set you up in a separate area.  Some buffets also offer semi-private or private areas.  Check the knottie list in my signature to see those who did buffet dinners.
  • keana123keana123 member
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    Rum Jungle in Mandalay Bay is gergeous and they will do sperate checks per table. Each table seats about 4-6 people.
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    Thank you girls so much!  I was starting to stress about this... :p

    I was wondering about Rum Jungle... my sister and my fiance's sister are young teenagers.  Is Rum Jungle appropriate?

    I'm also seriously considering Yolo's and Kahunaville at TI.

    Savannah, I may need to get some info from you about the cake and champagne thing!  Thanks!
  • SE1723SE1723 member
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    thank you for asking this! I have been wondering the same thing!
  • GribblesGribbles member
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    I am having our post-wedding dinner in the Rumjungle, and I have been advised the following from the co-ordinator:

    "For a cash bar (where guests pay individually) a $250 fee per every 20 guests will be applied to the host for the added staff required for individual checks.  Another option is to have a separate beverage tab for each table and in this case the $250 fee per every 20 guests will not apply. "

    So, if you are ordering the food seperately as well, they may whack on extra charges. We have prebooked as a group and will be paying for everyone's meal, so that isnt an issue for us.
  • stacylynn8529stacylynn8529 member
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    I am having the same situation as you. My fiance and I just couldn't fork out another $3000 for food.

    We are having our reception dinner at Trevi at the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops. It's italian and they can separate your checks per table (4-8 people) but not individually. It was the best deal we could come up with while still staying at a decently priced restaurant AND not having to pay a food/beverage minimum. We're going to make a quick trip to Vegas in January to taste the restaurant's food and go taste cakes, etc.

    Hope that helps!

  • keana123keana123 member
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    I visited Rum Jungle and during the day and dinner time it's just a cool hip place to eat dinner. When the club starts it get's a little R rated. If I remeber correctly the restaurant's layout has  great little section in the front that woudl be perfect for yoru group size.
    PS - Needless to say the bar selection is also quite impressive.
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    I've booked our reception for 25 people at Canalletto in the Venetian. They offered us a set menu (a variety to choose from) and we don't have to pay until the night, even though they have reserved us a gorgeous private room. 

    They also have a bar accessible from the private rooms so your guests could buy their own drinks. Not sure if they split the bill, but with a set menu ( a great set menu by the way!) everyone knows what the cost will be before they get there. 

    Good luck with it all! 
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    We had our rehearsal dinner in the Bellagio buffet (amazing by the way!) and we pre-booked a table for 16 people, then on the way in each person just paid their admission.  It was fab!
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    Awesome suggestions!

    I'm checking into all of them.  Thanks!
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