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dress in The Knot Southern CA magazine

I have been trying to find out the name of a dress featured in the Fall/Winter 2010, The Knot Southern California Magazine. It is on page 46 worn by bride, Jenn. It is a Cymbeline Paris dress with the most gorgeous layered ruffle with lace skirt. She purchased it at The Montclair Collection in Santa Monica. I have an email out to them. 

Anyone know the name of this style?? Or maybe you know of another dress that has the same kind of skirt? I have scoured the internet to no avail! Please help!

Anything on this would be very appreciated!  

Re: dress in The Knot Southern CA magazine

  • I havent seen anything in that issue, but here is the link to Cymbaline of Paris' site:
    Maybe you can look through and find the style you are searching for.
  • Thanks Frency! I think they might have multiple issues each season. This one has a coral square for the logo. The editorials on the cover are for, 16 elegant SoCal weddings, 93 stylish ways to save, the best local vendors…

    I have looked through the whole Cybeline Paris site multiple times and done numerous searches trying to find this dress, but it just hasn't come up yet.
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