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Budget question for WYNN BRIDES/GROOMS

Hi everyone,
I hope someone who is a little further into the process than me can help me figure out a few things.
I'm trying to get an idea of the TOTAL cost of a Wynn wedding.
Mine will be an extremely intimate wedding, just us and 2-3 friends.
I want to go fot the "Just the basics" wich is below $2K but need to know what it is that it doesn't include... like, if I want the photographer for 2 or 3 hours is it going to cost me more than the whole ceremony? Is it just better to upgrade to the "Petite ceremony" or higher? Do I absolutely need flower arrangements and are they going to cost me a fortune? And hair and make up? 

Thank you for helping!!! :-))))))

Re: Budget question for WYNN BRIDES/GROOMS

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    I'm not sure I understand your question.  There are so many options to choose that you can make things work in whatever budget you have.

    As for additional photographer time, I highly recommend that you use the Wynn photogs only for your alloted time and get an additional vendor for whatever else you want.  I was very happy with my photos from the Wynn but you will get much more for your money than if you add on to your package time.  As an example, most vendors include the price of digital rights in their packages but the Wynn does not, and to buy them will likely cost more than the whole ceremony.

    Flower arrangements are nice if you have them in your budget, but definitely not necessary.  You could do a scattering of petals on the sides of the aisle and that is a beautiful look.  If you want flower arrangements I'd tell your WC what your budget is and have them work with you that way rather than saying you want all roses or the like because their flowers are expensive.

    I used Lori White for my hair and makeup and she was amazing.  I think I paid $200 and that includes the price of a trial.  I've never felt more beautiful than I did after working with her!

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    If you let them know your budget they will work with you no problem. My FI and I just took a tour of the space a couple of weeks ago and it was very nice. If we decide to do it there I am not sure that we will put any flower arrangements in the chapel. In the front where you say your vows there is a little ledge that they will place flowers on. When we went there were two vases of lillies and it looked nice. I took some pictures of the salon and courtyard, if you want me to send them to you let me know.

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    On their website is a number of pdf brochure that explains what is included in each package and add on prices.

    http://www.visitwynn.com/documents/Wedding_Brochure.pdf (this one includes the two below as well)

    My suggestion is to compare what the 'Just the Basics' offers versus the 'Petite' and then add in the costs of the upgrades you want to determine what package you want.  I have a spreadsheet that I can send you that I did similar to that.

    There will always be flowers on the alter but you have the option of doing different ones than the ones that are always in the wedding chapel or candles, but that does come with a cost. 

    Like ATL said, the copyright to the photos is very expensive through Cashman @ the Wynn.   If you want full reproduction rights to your photos and digital copies it is best to hire an outside photographer.  There are many tried and true photographers that get recommended on the board that have very affordable prices.  The same goes for hair and make-up artists.

    Edit: one thing to note.  Wynn has a very strict no outside vendor policy for flowers and photographers so if you do hire a different photog just know that they won't be allowed to photograph the actual ceremony.  I didn't mind that however since I had the basic photography package so I know it was covered during my ceremony.
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    Thank you for the feedback!
    Much appreciated :-)
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    @ ANFlores003

    I tried to contact you privately but I couldn't figure out how... 
    would you mind sharing your pictures of the salon?
    thank you!
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