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Even in all the craziness of Christmas I managed to achieve a couple of checks!

I booked our flights!! I didn't post about this earlier but I had been holding off on booking our flights because we each had a $300 credit with the airline that FI works for (and I used to work for). Well I called about 2 weeks ago to book our flight and the agent on the phone informed me that my credit had been erased. I couldn't understand why so I had him look into it. He informed me that when I quit they took my credit away.

** Back Story **  In November 2009 WestJet switched over to a new computer system and it was complete hell. The computers didn't work for over a week, passengers were losing their minds, flights were delayed for hours, etc. Like I said, hell. As a thank you from the airline they gave every employee $300 for dealing with that BS. Shortly after I went on disability because I found out that I had 2 herniated discs in my back as well as degenerative disc disease that was causing me to be in cripling pain. In August I realized that I wouldn't be able to return to the same position as it required me to work 12+ hours a day and be on my feet for my entire shift, and my Dr recommended I only work a job where I can sit as much as possible. ANYWAY, I earned that credit and I didn't leave the company on bad terms. I had to leave because of a medical problem and was basically forbidden by my Dr to return to that job. So I appealed to WestJet and told them just that but they have no heart and could care less about their employees (current and former) and basically told me too damn bad, I can't have the credit back. ** End back story **

So anyway the fight cost us more than we budgeted for (It would have only be $132 round trip had those b**tards not taken away my credit!) but at least it's booked and I don't have to worry about it anymore!

Another check: My shoes! I've been lusting after these Juicy Couture starfish sandals for MONTHS but couldn't find them anywhere for a decent price. Well a few weeks ago I checked eBay for them (as I did about once a week but they never had my size/color) and they had them!! So of course I bought it on the spot. They arrived yesterday and they are PERFECT! I just love them. I wore them around the house for about an hour :) I can't wait until my dress comes in and I can try it on with my new sandals! SQUEEEEEE!!

Here they are:

Re: Checks!

  • That really blows about the whole credit fiasco!  Boo!  But glad at least you were able complete that check!
    BTW...I want me those sandals!  Lovesit!  Am jealous! Kiss
  • That sucks about the airline credit but I LOVE the shoes and they totally make up for it Wink

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  • You already know my thoughts on those sandals! I love them so much! They're PERFECT! And they will look great with your dress! SQUEE!!!!!

    As far as your credit goes- dislike! But I'm so glad you've got your flights booked! I'm so stinking excited for you! EEEK!!!
  • great checks!  Boo about loosing your credit.
    Love the sandals.  I really awnted those too but could never find then for a good price either.  Glad you found them they are great!
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  • booooo to the airline company....they suck

    but on the flip side i loooooooove those sandals!!!!
  • WOW that is so heartless of them!! You earned that credit and you should be able to use it even if you have to leave the job for medical reasons! Douches!!

    I LOVE those sandals too!!!!! I am getting ready to book my flight this week too!!
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  • I'm so jealous!! I love those sandals, they are too cute, I have been looking for them forever! That's horrible about the airline, but I'm glad you were able to get your flights booked.
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