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October 2011 Weddings

Just a little frustrated....vent

I seem to be having this one problem with vendors. Especially the bakers. I email to make an appointment well in advance since I have to travel to meet with them. I wait a week and get no response or a generic response about the company. So I decide to call. No one answers so I leave a voicemail. I get no response still. So I call again and finally get someone who takes my name and info down and they never get back to me!  I do understand it is the Holidays and October is a busy month for vendors but I called some of these people a couple of months before October. Some sort of response after a few weeks would be greatly appreciated though.

Then I get the vendors who are prompt responders to my initial email. Then when I get back to them they no longer have that time available. So a different time is scheduled and that normally ends up being better for me. Then a day or so later something comes up and they have to reschedule. It seems to go on like this until we actually make it to the appointment.

Mind you this is not all vendors. There is always the exception to the rule. I have gotten the ones who give fantastic customer service. Anyone else run into this problem?
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Re: Just a little frustrated....vent

  • Even though I'm no longer an Oct 11 bride, I'm still lurking and posting today lol Please don't ban me lol

    I had this problem with a hotel that I was trying to reserve a block of rooms for the wedding night.  I emailed 3 times, called 3 times, and filled out an online request form.  I started trying to contact them in like August or September.  To this day, I have never heard back from them lol  They are a major hotel chain, so it's not like it's some little ma and pop motel.  We even looked there to have our reception - maybe that's why they won't return my calls or emails. 

    I got so frustrated that we ended up blocking rooms (which we've now cancelled) at a hotel a few miles away, who was very prompt in returning calls and gave great customer service.  It is so aggravating - don't people want business???!!!
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