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catered or homemade?

So I've been having a horrible time deciding what I want to do.  I want a bbq buffet since our wedding will be very informal and I love bbq.  My FI is originally from TX and his family has perfected the art of smoking meat so I like the idea of giving my CO family a taste of real TX bbq.  His family already said they would be happy to do it, but I feel bad because I want them to be able to enjoy the wedding instead of "working" it.  On the other hand they really enjoy cooking and have a good time no matter what so to them I guess it would be fine? I did find a caterer who will bring the food and take it back for under $1000.  Is this worth having the caterer or could it be significantly cheaper to have family prepare the food?

Re: catered or homemade?

  • A caterer is worth it.  Here are that additional items that you would need to get that come with a caterer:

    Clean up crew
    plates, etc.
    temperature control for all food
    liability insurance (usually with a policy around $1,000,000.00 depending on your part of the country)
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  • I am doing catered BBQ and it was the cheapest of any type of food to cater. I know it won't be 'homemade' but you don't want to put out your in-laws. You want them to have a fun time.
    Plus, this gives you a good excuse to try out local bbq places and pick your favorite!
  • Definitely cater it, but cater it BBQ style! 
  • If they have offered to help you with BBQ'ing, I'd say go that route but I wouldn't ask them to do it. I will probably be having family/friends help do our main meal for the reception and ordering out all of the sides and bread. They are happy and excited to help out!
  • I agree with everyone, I'd have it catered. But, if they want to contribute their recipes to the caterer to re-create, maybe you could do a tasting with the caterer to see if it meets your fiance's "tastebud standards" beforehand.

    It is so worth it to pay the extra to have someone else worry about the set up, food staying the right temperature, and cleanup.

    Good luck. You are lucky to have such a giving future family.
  • Maybe do BBQ for the rehearsal dinner but have something else catered for the wedding? That way his family could help. I think they would enjoy the wedding better if they were not "working it".
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