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Grandfather/ Granddaughter

Well, my dad has never been around, and my grandpa is the main father figure I have. He'll walk me down the aisle, and I need some suggestions for a song for us to dance to, instead of the traditional father/daughter dances. 


Re: Grandfather/ Granddaughter

  • kls114kls114 member
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    I always say to try and find a song that matches and/or describes your personalities!

    Does he have any favorites??
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  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    I agree with the PP........ ask him what HE'D like to dance to with you. You are giving him the honor he obviously deserves of walking you down the aisle, and then dancing with him. He might have a favorite song that is appropriate.

    Off the top of my head "You Bring Me Joy" by Anita Baker, "In My Life" by the Beatles, "Chance Are" by Johnny Mathis, maybe he has a favorite Frank Sinatra or Barbra Streisand song?
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    I had a similar situation with my uncle. We are dancing to "In My Life" The Beatles
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  • pamela626pamela626 member
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    Similar to PPs ask him what he wants as the song.  Perhaps a Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, or Harry Connick, Jr. song would work?

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