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Bridal Shower Guest Situation

So my bridesmaids are planning a super-secret-surprise bridal shower for me.  All they ask is that I provide them with a guest list of friends and family that I'd like present.  So, I'm emailing my MOH with the guest list when I get to the sticky subject of coworkers.  I'm really close with 2 of my coworkers and one of my managers.  The other manager treats me like a scapegoat/punching bag at work and I have a very strict and professional working relationship with my bosses (the two ladies that own the business I work for).  I want to invite the 3 girls that I'm close with, but would feel really uncomfortable if the mean manager and my two bosses were to be there.  Is it okay to invite the 3 coworkers I'm close with and omit the other 3?  

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    I have the same issue with inviting co-workers (minus the punching bag relationship :/). I have come to the conclusion that it is my shower and I will invite people who I care about and that care about me. I will only be inviting a few people that I am close with at work, but asking them to keep it on the DL and also sending an invitation to their house.

    If I were you, don't invite the bosses. Why would you want people at your shower that make you feel uncomfortable?
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    I read in a wedding planning book that you should only invite people to your shower that are going to be invited to the wedding itself. That way, there's no confusion with who gets invited to what. With that said, invite whatever co-workers you have already invited to the wedding (or plan to invite).
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    We didn't invite anyone from either of our workplaces to the wedding -  we'd never been to their houses or out to dinner with them or anything, so they really aren't FRIENDS of ours even though they are nice people to work with.

    So we didn't invite any work people to any pre-wedding parties either.
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    Aside from not inviting people to the shower who won't be invited to the wedding, this is not an etiquette question, it's a workplace politics question.  Is there going to be backlash if the mean manager finds out you invited other people and not her?  We don't know your work situation so we can't answer that.  Or perhaps you can mention to the people you are inviting that you aren't inviting others so they shouldn't mention it at work - do you trust them to keep their mouths shut?
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    Who are you inviting to your wedding?  Are the coworkers invited?  Honestly, I wouldn't invite any of them but that's just me.....
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    Everyone who is invited to your shower, should be invited to the wedding.
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    You are definitely not required to invtie everyone from work, simply because you are inviting some.  I am a teacher and work on a large staff.  I'm not sure about showers (b/c I'm not sure what my MOH/BM's are planning) but when it came to the wedding list, I invited the people on staff I am friends with outside work, but those who I simply have a working relationship with are not on the list.  I"m sure people would understand that simply because some are invited that all are not necessarily going to be invited.
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