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Our wedding is Dec 8. We're going to be using Eggplant/Plum bridesmaids dresses, green other stuff, and have a metalic accent. The problem is, I can't decide on what metallic I want, either gold, copper, or bronze (or a combo of the last two). 

For the record, the church has a brass cross and candle holders at the alter, but most of everything else is a dark walnut or cherry wood, and since the service will be right around sunset, everything will seem a bit darker and pick up some of the light from the stained glass windows. The reception hall has a foyer where the cocktail hour will be that has terra cotta colored floors, but the rest of it is pretty neutral (off white walls, light wood fixtures, adjustable light colors). 

Any opinions on what might be better, gold or copper or bronze? 
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Re: Colors?

  • We have the same date!    I am usually not a fan of gold, but in your case, that's what I would pick out of those 3. I think it would look pretty against the eggplant/plum, especially if you found a few things that had some sparkle/glitter to them. To me, it would add a nice glow to the evening if that makes any sense :)
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