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How to pick a photographer?

I am at a loss about how to choose a photographer.  There are so many out there, even after I limit the options to those within my budget.  So many good ones!  Where do I even begin?  If I talked to all the photographers I like, I'd have to meet with probably like 25!  Help!!  Anyone have any tips?

Re: How to pick a photographer?

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    You should look at entire wedding albums they have done so you get a sense of your final product instead of just their very best work they have on their website.

    When you meet with them, make sure they communicate very well and are direct, you will want that the day of your wedding.

    Otherwise just choose the photographer you like the most from their work.

    Good luck!

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    This was hard for me too.  Narrow it down to around 10 and email them for a quote--in my case, many were not available on my date so that eliminated  some right there.  I would meet with no more than 5.  Read reviews on your local board and on Wedding Wire.  Pare it down to your top 5, meet with them, and see who you click with the most. 
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    Look at photographers that are in your area or nearby. Narrow that by pricing and the style of pictures that you like. Meet with the ones that fall within your budget whose pictures you like :)
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    Ask to see a whole wedding. Not just the ones they want to show you. Ask about their equipment. Ask them if they know about fstops an shutters speeds. Things such as depth of field. You have to be careful now a days because there are more people grabbing digital cameras calling themselves photographers and clearly are not.
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    Do NOT simply ask for a quote and base it off that.  There is so much more to an excellent photographer than a dollar figure.  Find the ones whose work speaks to you.  Visit the expensive ones, too.  How do you know what you're missing out on if you don't visit them to see what they offer you for the price.
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