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Anyone else starting to freak out a bit?

In the last few days I have started to freak out a bit.  Currently I'm working on making fabric flower bouquets for my bridesmaids, and still can't decide what to do for the men!!  It seems that everyone has an opinion about any thought or idea that I may have!!

So I was wondering, does everyone do a program or menu?  I assume this would be easy enough as I can print them on card stock.

I can't seem to decide what I would like to do for table numbers, I keep googling but haven't fallen in love with anything particular yet!

Our site comes with centerpieces, but I think I would like to do my own, something simple of course, but elegant.

Meanwhile, my mind is buzzing at night with thoughts and lists!!  It's kind of making me crazy!

Thanks for letting me vent!


Re: Anyone else starting to freak out a bit?

  • Have you written everything down?  I find it helps when I feel overwhelmed, and I just love checking things off when they are done! lol!  My favorite thing is to creat an excel spreadsheet and print that out lol!  Maybe seeing everything will also help you decide what is unnecessary that may be cut or things that may be cheaper to order/buy than make :-)
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  • I agree with Julyet. :) But yes. I am freaking. I still have ~800 paper cranes to fold, 3 BM bouquets and all of the corsages and bouts to make, finish getting stuff for the centerpieces, and much much more. :( BUT I got my dress and I love it. Now to alter it (sale item to fit my budget but easy fix of zipper to corset).

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  • A bit. We're finishing up with the big vendors in the next week and I couldn't be more thrilled. The only big things left are the guys suits and alcohol.

    I feel like there are still a bazillion small decisions to be made and things to be bought!
    Best of luck to you and yours!

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  • Yes, freaking out has begun.  I had my first wedding dream the other night - I was in my apartment getting ready alone and was already like 5 hours late and couldn't find my earrings.  Then I woke up, turned my head funny and threw out my neck. It still hurts.

    We've got to find a Rabbi, pick MOH and Jr. BM dresses, groom's suit, best man outfits, ring bearer outfits.  Not sure where my aunt is on bouquets/bouts/corsages.  And tomorrow is 7 months to go.
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  • I've had a couple of wedding anxiety dreams, too.  The worst was when I accidentally married the wrong guy!  I was so mad! LOL. 
  • Only doing menus since we are paying for the wedding and the ceremony will be short
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    Thanks Ladies,
    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one freaking out a bit. 

    I have spent the last few days making lists and lists and lists with lists!!  LOL!!

    I'm feeling a bit better, but my nerves are starting to kick in!!

    It's great having some support here!  As always, much appreciated!

  • Hi Ladies, 

    Reading all your posts has been freaking out! Just got engaged this week and the wedding is the first week of February! 183 days to be exact and such little time to plan. Not to mentioned I'm MOH for my best friend's and my sister's weddings in November and December! OH EM JI!

    But trying to take your advice to make a list and start slowly. 

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