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In the Pub

My FI and I are still debating ideas for weddings.....we have considered eloping, destination weddings, etc. I would love to have a gathering in my favorite local pub (about 75 people). We are taking our honeymoon in Irealand before the wedding, and our vows are traditional celtic vows, so that is where the Irish Pub fits in. Would it be in appropriate to have a limited bar menu for our guests in order to keep costs down?

Re: In the Pub

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    A pub reception would be great.  You could do the ceremony there or at a nearby park or other nice space.

    As far as food/bev, you can offer what you like.  The only rules are 1) if it is during a meal time, offer enough food to make a meal, 2) offer a reasonable variety, and 3) you host (pay for) whatever you offer.  

    You could do a really great Irish Pub themed reception, with traditional Irish pub food like shepherd's pie and bangers & mash, etc.  Then you could serve Guinness and Jameson.  People would love it.  
  • A pub sounds totally awesome!  And I think a limited bar is fine as long as you're offering something.  Talk to them and see what they can provide, they might be willing to negotiate some sort of package deal.  If not, I usually find it works best to have a menu on the bar of all the hosted options; it's generally understood that if you order something that's not on that menu, you're going to pay for it.
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  • I see no problem with a limited bar in a pub as long as you keep your guests' tastes in mind when choosing.  A few favorite beers, maybe a liquor and a wine or two if you have a lot of wine drinkers.  I think a pub reception would be really fun.
  • I love Ireland as I lived and went to school there :) So gorgeous there..

    I have a concern though that I wanted to address. Would you be "renting" out the entire pub? I don't want the town drunk coming in and spilling his black and tan on your gorgeous wedding gown... or other people trying to have "dinner" with everyone else in your party...

    you know what i mean?
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  • I think that sounds likek a great idea! I'm doing an irish theme, but not in a pub.  I wish we had found one big enough!
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