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Macys vs Bed Bath and Beyond

We left the day after our wedding for our HM and came back the next week with stickers on our front door from UPS - they were trying to deliver two different packages while we were gone.

One was from Bed Bath and Beyond the other was from Macys.

The very next day Bed, Bath and beyond called us, let us know who the gift was from and I told them I'd be home Monday to sign for it.  Sure enough, the second 10:30AM came that monday, the UPS guy was ringing my doorbell.  (The champagne glasses were jingling and in a million peices in the box and I ended up having to return them but thats not the point. - we received our package.)

We never heard anything about the package from Macy's until we receved an email from my husband's Mom. The gift giver emailed her asking why his package was returned.  We explained we were on our HM and to see if they can try delivering again since we are back now.  Never heard anything since.   

I emailed our registry lady at Macy's on Friday and have not heard anything since.
What would you do?  Anyone else have something similar happen?  We really want/need that 18 pc Pyrex set! :) 
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Re: Macys vs Bed Bath and Beyond

  • I think that could be a UPS issue, not a Macy's issue.  It's odd that it's inconsistent, but that kind of crap happens to me all the time with UPS in my area.  Regardless, I would call (not e-mail) Macy's, since the package was in fact returned.  It's kind of an odd situation, though, because Macy's can't send you another one without talking to the original sender.  I'm unclear whether they got the package returned to them, or it was just refunded, but either way Macy's can't simply ship you a new one.
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