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Videography - What would you prefer?

I'm looking at two different videographers, both are great and have their pros and cons and I'm having a hard time deciding on one! One is significantly more expensive than the other, but without considering price...

What would you prefer?:

A 5-6 minute highlight reel with full length versions of ceremony, toasts, first dances, and cake cutting


A 40-50 minute wedding film
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Re: Videography - What would you prefer?

  • The highlight reel. A 40-50 minute video would be total overkill for us. I don't think even we would want to watch it (aside from maybe one time right after receiving it from the videographer) let alone subject anyone else to watching it. A short highlight reel is more shareable.

    That said, you guys should choose what's right for you and if you and your family would love to sit down and watch a 50-minute video of the wedding, definitely go for that option! I should also state that we are not having a videographer, just a photographer. Having a professional wedding video is not that important to us.
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  • totally agree with PP. I think the highlight reels are so so so nice and easy to share. Ask if you can have the raw footage of everything else too, just to have!
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  • Agree with pp. my tx mom has her whole Cermony on tape and I've watched it twice so I know she has seen it over ten in the last three years. Really up to you.
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