Tres Leches Wedding Cake...Yum!!!

FI and I visited Rojo's Bistro in Novi yesterday and tried their version of this cake. OMG!!! We did some investigating and discovered they order this delicious concoction from MexicanTown Bakery in Detroit. We're using a gorgeous dummy cake for display, but will serve this yummy sheet cake to our unsuspecting guests. Has anyone ever tried this cake from MexicanTown Bakery?

Re: Tres Leches Wedding Cake...Yum!!!

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    I never tried the cake but I will next time I go to Rojo. I love that place.
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    I've never been there but I lived in San Antonio and LOVE tres leches cake!! [: 
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    I've tried the tres leches cake from Mexicantown Bakery.  I personally know the owners actually.  Anyhoo, I love all their desserts, but the tres leches they have is a little runny for my taste.  Other places I've gotten it at, the cake seems to be very moist with not a lot of milk left on the plate.  At Mexicantown, the slices seem to leave a lot of milk behind.  Then again, I've never ordered a whole sheet cake from them, just the big slices, so they probably add extra milk.  It is delicious though.  Mmmm...
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    Ditto mrsbunyip!!! I love tres leches but your guests may find it odd to have a cake soaked in cold milk and may be hesitant to eat it.
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    I've had MexicanTown Bakery Tres Leches before as a birthday cake! It's delicious...and this is coming from a girl who hates milk.  I don't drink it, I don't put it in coffee, and I don't buy it.  And I hate soggy bread.  So how it is that I love Tres Leches is a mystery to even me! :)
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    I LOVE their tres leches cake. Yuuuummm!!! Its very traditional too- (I have friends in Mexico and it tastes like their grandmas)
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