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May 2013 Weddings

Wedding Day Hair & Make-up

For those of you getting hair/make-up done professionally,

-do you think your BMs will do the same?
-are you going to a salon or having someone travel to you?
-how far in advance do you think this should be booked?

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Re: Wedding Day Hair & Make-up

  • My cousin just got married and his wife hired 3 people to go to her to get the hair and make up done. They did the BM the moms and the flower girl along with the bride obviously and everyone looked wonderful. I'm waiting to get their contact info but i was just discussing this weekend contacting them soon. Its up to the BMs and the moms if they want to use them or not I'm not forcing anyone to do so however, as most of the BMs are our sisters they probably will do so, and we'll just have them come to the suite at the hotel that we book.

    I dont know how much it came out to but i think they told me the bride for hair and make up was $80 total and the flowergirl for hair was $15.
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  • When we were planning to have the big wedding I was going to pay for all of my BM's to have their hair and make-up done by the make up artist that was traveling to me. Now that it just me and FI I will hire a make up that will still come to me. Depending on your area and your MUA/Hairstylist I would say there is nothing wrong with looking now... When I contacted one here in Nashville she said the sooner the better... TK says to have you hair trail and makeup trial 3 to 4 weeks out... I think I would do it sooner than that....
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  • Idk what I'm doing I'm kind of up in the air about it. Fi says I should since I never wear make up and rarely do my hair. The last time I had make up professionally done was for Prom lol I'm not a fan of make up and I know I'll be crying as we say our vows. My hair I'm definitely doing and as soon as my dress is bought I'll decide between up or down.
  • Do you think your BMs will do the same?
    I'm not having any BMs, but I know my MOH (my sister), my mom and my FMIL will be.

    Are you going to a salon or having someone travel to you?
    We are going to a salon to get hair and make up done and then getting dressed and prepped in the bridal suite at our venue. 

    How far in advance do you think this should be booked?
    We are going to go when there are about 6 months left to book.
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  • I have already talked with my hair dresser who I have for years. She has the date set in her calendar so she knows not to scheduale any appointments. She is also invited to the wedding, so we will be getting our hair done at her salon, a lot more room then my parents house. My BM & mothers will be getting there hair done, if they would like. I am not making them since I am not paying for them.
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  • I am def. getting mine done, it is up to the BM if they want to do the same. 

    I have no idea when I should book it.
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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    -do you think your BMs will do the same?
    I believe they all will, they don't have to though.

    -are you going to a salon or having someone travel to you?
    They're traveling to me.

    -how far in advance do you think this should be booked?
    I've already spoken to my hair stylist (she's been doing my hair for 17 years) so that's set. I'm not sure about the MUA but maybe in a couple months I'll start researching. 

  • SRRL18SRRL18 member
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    I'm getting my hair and make up done at the salon I go to now. Orginally I wanted everyone to go there as well, but Ican't pay for everyone, so they will go where they please. My hairdresser alreayd penciled me in.
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  • My BMs have said they would for sure pay to have their hair professionally done. I personally keep going back and forth about going to a salon or have someone come to us. If your area's anything like mine, it wouldn't hurt to do it now. A few places I requested info from were already booked on my date, lol.
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  • Do you think your BMs will do the same?
    Yes, we are paying for BM's hair/make up if they want it. Some girls don't wear much make-up at all, so it'd be nice to have a little done for the wedding.

    Are you going to a salon or having someone travel to you?
    Haven't decided this yet. We've talked about having people come to us in the hotel room before, but I've gone to this salon for years so might look into pricing there as well.

    How far in advance do you think this should be booked?
    Going to book sometime early fall.
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    My FI's aunt does make-up so she will be doing the bridal parties make-up,  that is her gift to me. I'm in the process of finding a hair person and would like them to come to us, but not sure if it will work out so we might need to go to my regular salon.
  • I already booked my hair and makeup lady. She's coming to me and, as there aren't a whole lot of people in my area that do that, they were starting to book up. I'm paying for my hair/makeup and my bridesmaids hair. I might pay for makeup if they want it, but I'm waiting until it's closer (and I've picked my whole party) to talk to them about it.
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  • I booked my hair/make up crew already and the team is coming to my suite at the venue. As a thank you gift to my bridesmaids(my daughter and my sisters) and mother, my FI and I are paying for their hair and makeup. If they choose not to go with the people I've booked, they are more than welcome to get it done elsewhere :) As for when to book, I would do it before late fall, depending on who you are hiring, it should be fine.
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  • mdktmkmdktmk member
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    I'm not sure. First I wanted a MUA to come to me and the wedding venue. I still may do that. But my hair is the problem. If we go a cruise for the Honeymoon, I'll have to get braids. I woundn't want to look a hotmess on the Honeymoon photos. But I really don't want braids either. What to do????
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