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My fiance and I are getting engagement photos next week!  I'm hoping for some ideas on where to have the photos done.  We like a modern, urban look.  We plan on getting our wedding photos done near the north shore with the skyline and bridges, etc and in the strip district.  We want our engagemnt photos to look a bit different from our wedding pictures but to have the same type of urban feel.  We are open to inside or outside photos.  Our photographer has a journalistic style.  Any suggestions would be so helpful.  Thanks!!!

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    I would defer to the expert, ie your photographer. You have some great ideas already and I hope you post at least a few of your pix. I'd love to see them.

    My former coworker had a few pictures taken on the Southside. How about an escalator picture?

    Will the ice rink still be up downtown?

    I'd be open to a few shots that aren't necessarily urban because you just never know.

    Have fun!!
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  • We had some of our pictures done at Flagstaff Hill in between Phipps and CMU. This time of year, with the leaves down, there is a clear shot of Oakland from there, so that could give you some of the urban feel you're going for while keeping things different from your wedding pictures.
  • I took some on the Hot Metal bridge.  It is a cool looking bridge and you can possibly get the Cathedral of Learning or part of the skyline in the background.  There is some construction going on though that makes some of those shots a little more difficult.
  • I love the look of the Hot Metal Bridge in photos!! When FI and I got our pics done, we walked around the Clemente Bridge, and got some photos by the parking garage near there that has these blue rectangles on the outside of it. At the time I thought it would be a weird background but those pictures turned our really neat and modern looking. Definitely ask your photographer though, they will have lots of suggestions!! Good luck and have fun with it!
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