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Very Exciting Day

So FI calls me at work today and ask what I had planned after work. I didn't have anything planned so he told me that we were going to look at an apartment! It was probably one of the most exciting moments that i've had since we've been engaged. We don't live together and will not be until after the wedding. It was just so exciting to actually go and look at a place that could possibly be our place. We went through the whole process of filling out the application and background checks and everything. The neighborhood is nice, clean, and quiet. The leasing guy was sooooo nice. We didn't sign any lease yet just because we're going to look at this other place tomorrow, but we both agreed that this other place would have to be fantastic to turn down the place that we saw today. So, it's on hold until we make a decision. I just love how everything is coming together.
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Re: Very Exciting Day

  • erolliserollis member
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    That is very exciting! Living together is such a big and wonderful step in life.
    Fiance and I moved in together the day before he proposed to me. It is the first time we have ever lived alone together and it is fantastic!
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    How exciting!  I loved apartment hunting with my husband.  He moved into my place after the wedding and my one-bedroom was crowded!  Since moving into our two-bedroom and bringing out our wedding gifts and sharing the closet, etc, things just feel so comfortable and it always feels like home at the end of the day.  I don't think I'll even mind putting some of his outdoor posters up.  In the spare room. ;) 

    Good luck with the search!
  • KikoLoveAndiKikoLoveAndi member
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    How exciting!  My sweetie and i looked at some manufactured houses one of the last time i went to see him and it was super exciting.  Finding a place that was "ours" made everything seem so close and nice. 

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    That's so exciting!!! My fiance bought a house back in April and he has let me furnish it almost entirely. Even though we weren't engaged at the time, he let me pick out all the stuff for the bathrooms and the kitchen, colors, styles, everything, it was great! I remember when I was helping him clean the house the day he got the keys, diligently scrubbing the floors and thinking of how this would be our house together some day. Since he has proposed, I walk around the rooms thinking of how we'll make it our "home", since right now its the typical bachelor pad...clean, but solely the basics. We went to register last weekend and it was so much fun picking out all the stuff to fill the home...!
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