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Wedding photographers affiliations

How important is it that a wedding photographer be a member of PPA or some other professional organization?  Do you think that it makes a difference in quality or just price?

Re: Wedding photographers affiliations

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    I don't think it necessarily makes a difference in price or quality.  

    Some photographers don't really care about those affiliations because they think their body of work and their reputation speaks for itself.  Others value those affiliations because they feel that it lends them a certain air of credibility or provides them with valuable networking opportunities.

    I, for one, have never bothered to join any professional photography associations because I sort of view it as a waste of money, but I have taken the time to be approved by other affiliation groups like The Green Bride Guide.  Personally, I feel like any "club" you have to pay to join doesn't really mean much and that it's unpaid awards/certifications which matter more.

    IMO if you love a photographer's work, have a great rapport with them, and do your due dilligence in relation to checking out what previous clients have to say, it shouldn't really matter what groups they do or don't belong to.
  • ceeceed80ceeceed80 member
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    I don't think it makes a difference in their quality. However, I think the only thing it does is to prove that they are a legit company (paying taxes, etc). It seemed to be a requirement when they signed up to provide their tax id number... My sister had the same question when she was getting married so we did some digging. That was really all we could find. 

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    >>  It seemed to be a requirement when they signed up to provide their tax id number <<

    There are other ways you can find out if they are a registered business entity.  Most states allow you to search for the company name on that state's Secretary of State website.  Or you could always ask to see a copy of their Articles of Organization or insurance agreement.
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    There are some association where the photographer just pay a fee to enter. Anyone with money can get into these groups. However, there are some others like WPJA, you have to apply and meet a certain standard before being accepted.
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    all hoopla....means nothing as to the final product and their talent...anyone can join, just pay membership dues....
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    We found our photographer on WPJA. He did our bridal portraits.
  • hopstetter1hopstetter1 member
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    WPPI: Just have to pay a fee and you are in

    WPJA: You have to apply and then cross your fingers that you get accepted/approved. AND THEN you have to maintain a certain strict standard in order to remain a member.

    PPA: You have to be incorporated.

    NAWP: Incorporated, approved

    A lot of these organizations such as the PPA will kick a photographer out if they receive complaints about the professionalism of one of their members. It is nice to have a photographer that is a member of professional organizations for the following reasons:

    A. Networking with other wedding professionals. This may help you in your planning process as well as knowing that there is a backup plan in case something happens to your own photographer (worst case scenario)
    B. You know that your photographer is serious and involved in the industry. They take part as a member of their organization and along with many of the above companies comes seminars and classes to keep your photographer up to date with upcoming industry trends and styles.

    Hope this helps!
    -Maria Angela
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