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Craziness.. been MIA but back with a Recap! PIP HEAVY!

Hello ladies!.. I'm soooo sorry about not coming back to sign off but my wedding week was beyond crazy!..

So it started on Monday April 9th after work.. my FI was supposed to pick me up from the train station so that we could do some last minute running around. When I finally got in contact with him, he told me that he was in a car accident, and the car was TOTALED!!.. they took him to the hospital and everything. Thank God he came out with sprains and bruises, but I still have to leave him home to take care of things for the wedding in Boston the next day.

I left late Tuesday for Boston.. and when I got there it was soo late that after saying hi to everyone I went right to bed. I had meetings with my DOC and the reception location on Wednesday, Prepped my reception pieces, and met with the breakfast caterer for the morning of the wedding. We got one of the favors completed, all with my 1 year old nephew clinging to me! Thursday was completing the favors, and the reception pieces, and making sure my DOC had everything she needed to deliver to the reception location on friday.

My sister took Friday off, and I was up at the crack of dawn so I could pick up the fresh flowers for the personal flowers from my wholesaler. After that.. I decided to relax myself.. we met up with my cousins for breakfast, got our nails done, and then kicked back until the rehearsal. My FI and his family was driving in that day, and didn't even make it to the rehearsal.. so we had to go over everything at the rehearsal dinner (which was fine).  After the dinner... my SIL stayed at my mom's house, and helped get the personal flowers together.

The day of the wedding was calm at first.. I got my hair done first thing in the morning, we had breakfast (the caterer was amazing), and we just had a bunch of laughs... but getting closer to the wedding was not so much fun! We had 3 Dress malfunctions inlcuding mine!... Things were fixed, but the ceremony started 30 min late because of it.... but once the ceremony started it all flowed beautifully!

Our day was AMAZING!!.. and everyone commented on how much fun they had. The family's meshed sooo well together... we even got to have our soul train line!.. It was a blast!.. I don't have a lot of pics... but here's what I could scrap up with the ones that were posted:

Hubby and I

Me and my Sisters!

The Bridal Party

My Ringbearer and Flowergirl!

Our First Dance


Our DJ was the Best!!

We right on the honeymoon right after and came back yesterday... P*nta Cana was AMAZING!!!!.. I would def reccomend it to anyone thinking about going for thier HM!! I missed your girls so much! hope everyones been doing great!

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Re: Craziness.. been MIA but back with a Recap! PIP HEAVY!

  • Congrats MRS! Glad your day turned out well despite the mishaps. Everyone looked amazing. You looked especially beautiful! Congrats again. 
  • Congrats. Beautiful!
  • Congratulations!!  Looks and sounds like you had a very nice day.  Also, glad to hear your husband only had bruises from the accident by the way.

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    Congrats Mrs!!!! Glad your husband is doing ok!!!!
  • Congrats and welcome back...glad your Husband is ok. Your wedding sounded like you had a great time. Nice pics too.
  • Congrats! I glad your hubby is ok.
  • Congrats!! Glad yeverything worked out. You looked beautiful.
  • Everything looks beautiful and I'm also glad your hubby was ok!!
  • Congrats :) Glad hubby is ok The pics are great loving the bm shoes lol Looks like you all ad a blast
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  • Beautiful!!! Glad everything turned out great and congrats!
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  • I'm glad your husband is OK and that your day went well.  You looked beautiful!  Congrats on becoming a MRS!

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  • congrats!!  gorgeous wedding!
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  • Congrats MRS!!! Looks like an awesome time. Glad your hubby is ok. Your BM shoes are HOT
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  • Ditto PP glad hubby is okay.

    Your BMs dress color is the same as my BMs. Looks great! And i'm glad you had a good time on your honeymoon.

    Just curious, what wardrobe malfunctions did you and your BMs have. Do I need to have a tailor on standby at the wedding? LOL!
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  • Congrats!!!!! Looks like yall had a great time. Hope hubby is doing great recovering. Glad you enjoyed P*nta Cana.

    FYI - I say you're having a girl! If your nephew was clinging to you like that that is typically what happens. Happened with me both times. When I was pg with my son, my nephew couldn't stand me....and he was an infant.  When I had my daughter, my nephew (the other one's baby brother) was ALL over me and my neice didn't want to have anything to do with me. LOL
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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:400Discussion:b1c29569-c4f8-470b-8ff5-678d6ff3eca4Post:db301932-75fd-44ca-8c65-4965dbad2a80">Re: Craziness.. been MIA but back with a Recap! PIP HEAVY!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Ditto PP glad hubby is okay. Your BMs dress color is the same as my BMs. Looks great! And i'm glad you had a good time on your honeymoon. Just curious, what wardrobe malfunctions did you and your BMs have. Do I need to have a tailor on standby at the wedding? LOL!
    Posted by Carla1019[/QUOTE]

    Well... First.. my SIL's dress took 3-4 people to zip her into. According to her, when she went to pick up the dress, she tried it on and between the tailor and his wife they were able to zip the dress up completely.. I'mma tell you that man had to have some strength cause we could even get it half way up her back.. and then when we finally did, it could'nt clip at the top so we had to use a safety pin.. it's a good thing she bought a chiffon shawl cause she was worried about back fat, cause that covered the safety pin perfectly.

    Then with my dress, we couldn't find the inside enclosure that was supposed to come across to hide my skin with the corset back.. it's a good thing my mother is a seamstress and had some extra fabric lying around, cause we did a quick fix (this was this worst thing that could've ever happened.. and guess what I found AFTER the whole thing at the hotel after the reception? the stupid flap was stuck to one side of the dress, and I only found it after I shook it!..)

    The last one was my mom's dress.. and it really wasn't something we could fix.. the seamstress didn't finish the dress and gave it to my mom as it was.. she still look good though and no one really noticed.
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  • Thank you ladies for all the well wishes!.. Hopefully I'll be able to post more pics as they come in!
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  • Aww congrats!! Thanks for the re-cap!  So glad your day went well and the dress malfunctions got fixed!  You looked so pretty, can't wait to see more pics of you and your beautiful dress!  Glad to hear you liked your HM, we can't wait to go on ours!  Post more soon :)
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  • Congrats Mrs.!! Your wedding looked gorgeous and of course you were beautiful!! So glad that besides the mishaps it looks like you had a great time!!

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  • congrats on your wedding and thanking the LORD for your husbands good graces and walking away from the accident....
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  • Thanks for the recap! You looked amazing and I'm glad that everyone had a lot of fun and that hubby is ok! 
  • Congrats Mrs!! you looked beautiful! Glad everything turned out well :)
  • Awww twin.  You looked so beautiful.  So happy for you!

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