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Do any of you snowboard?

I decided just now that I want to get Seanzoid something for snowboarding this year.

But I don't snowboard yet and I don't know what is hip and happening in that world.
Can anyone recommend me some cool snowboarding gear?

Re: Do any of you snowboard?

  • Ohhh thanks Mehg! You do look pretty cool! I have asked one of my younger brother's friends for help this weekend to shop. I'll definitely look into everything mentioned here!
  • I don't normally post here, but I thought I'd interject. I have skiied all my life and FI just recently got into snowboarding. Any warm gear made by Spyder I am in love with. I just got FI a new hat for snowboarding for Christmas. A good pair of goggles is also really important. I'm a fan of Oakleys, but there's lot of good one's out there.
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  • Maybe even buy him some lift tickets and get you one too and you can learn!  This will only work if he doesn't buy a yrly lift ticket. Or get him one of those too so he never has to pay to go. Burton socks are great also.


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