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December 2010 Weddings

December 18th brides!

One year from today we will be getting married!  Any big plans to celebrate the negative 1 year anniversary?  We're planning to have a night in, cook, and watch a movie.  We're expecting abouut 2 feet of snow over the next couple of days, so that will be fun!

Re: December 18th brides!

  • Soooo excited!!! We're very happy and no special plans I guess, we're going back home to Puerto Rico, so we'll be on a plane all night. Congrats to all Dec 18 brides! Any anxiety??
  • I'm December 18th as well.  We realized the date but didn't do anything special just the two of us.  We just came back from a vacation on the 16th, so we'd had plenty of couple time. 

    We did go check our reception location (FIL's country club) with our parents to see how it is decorated this time of year.

    I hope the year goes by quickly!  I can't wait til wedding.

    Good luck to other December 18  brides.
  • unfortunately I am no longer a Dec 18 bride. FI and I went searching for places for our reception and NOTHING was available for that date, so we're changing the date. Either Christmas Eve or New Years Day, still debating and unsure... Good luck to u guys!
  • Hello to all my fellow dec 18 Bride-to-bes!
    There is definate anxiety from this end.  I am a teacher, so there witb e minimal planning on my end untill summer break. 
  • You shouldn't worry overly about your date being too close to the holidays.  Anyone who truly loves and cares for you will find a way to make it. 

    We had a large decline rate on December 12th, but all the important people made it.
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