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Ayuda!!!! Por favor!!!

 #1:  I am so stressed and frustrated.  So my cousin and mother are planning my bridal/wedding shower.  I have mixed feeling about my FI being invited or not.  He doesn't mind either way- I feel it should be about both of us but the more I research the more it seems to be something just for the bride.  What do you guys think.  

#2:  We are looking for spanish bridal shower invites but I can only find one online0 anyone have any ideas for wording.


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Re: Ayuda!!!! Por favor!!!

  • MariodoMujerMariodoMujer member
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    If the idea of deciding wether to make the bridal shower for women only or co-ed really stresses you out, then leave that decision for your mom and cousin. They may not want to invite men to save on cost and to make it a more intimate event between you and your friends and family. Or they may be all for it. In my experience, whenever there is a co-ed anything for events that were previously designated "women only", Latino men tend to congregate around the grill and not really participate. But thats just my experience

    As far as the wording goes, I would just call it a Despedida de Soltera and the rest of the details in the invite should be worded like you would a spanish birthday or wedding invitation
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  • Nati05Nati05 member
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    Well, traditionally showers are for brides only. But things are changing. A lot of couples are starting to have co-ed parties because that's what they feel comfortable with. It's totally up to you. Don't stress about it. I will say though, when my fam held a bridal shower for me, it was only women and it was soo much fun. I think a husband or two showed but either the disappeared for the majority of the time or they left early. I enjoyed it much more that way cuz all the women were relaxed and we all felt open to talk about anything just between the girls. I really liked it. Anyway give it a thought, and don't worry about it too much.

    As for wording, I'll have to search for some later and I'll post again, but I know vistaprint has simple, sample wording and if you change the site's language to spanish, the sample wording will appear in spanish. It helps to get started. Good luck!

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