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I have six days

Six days til I get married... I think it really hasn't set in yet.  Like FI and I keep saying to each other every day.  I've had four dress fittings to see me in my dress with all my accessories.  Its on my calendar, the rehearsal dinner is set, I've spoken to the reception hall, began dropping off my accessories to the vendors, all the last minute details.  I went out last night for my bachelorette party and had a freakin blast.  Why is it that I can't figure out my emotions?  I feel excited about the wedding, but can't believei ts happening this weekend.  I'm not really nervous, though a few things aren't exactly planned as I had hoped and I'm a lil bit of a control freak so I'm even surprised that I'm ok with them being the way they are.  I wonder if its just like, "oh its my wedding so whatever happens will be fine because I can't actually believe this is happening".  I love my FI so much, I know that we're going to be great together bc we have our own way of getting along and communication.  But I don't know if I even feel excited to get married or nervous or anxious or anything.  But when I truly think about it I kinda tear up.  Am I just overly stressed and not in the right state of mind?  Ladies, is there something wrong with me?

Re: I have six days

  • Everything will be fine. I think what you are going through is pretty typical. I felt the same way except that it hit me the night of the RD. The good thing was that I got most of my tears out then. Your wedding day will be exhausting but fun and it will fly by, so try to rest up as much as possible before the big day. Congrats and Good Luck!
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  • I'm a year out from my wedding, so I can't say from experience, but I'm sure PPs are right. You've been working for so long for this moment it probably just feels surreal. Enjoy every minute, I'm sure it will all be fabulous!
  • im 13 days out and im in the same boat as you.
    we're having a destination wedding so i know it wont seem real until we're at the beach where we're getting married.

    im very controlling over projects and have planned the wedding by myself w/ a little help from my mom and FI.  its going to be hard for me to give up control and let whatever happens happen, but i know its for my own sanity.

    find comfort in that you're not the only bride to have felt and is feeling like this!
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  • There is always so much to do last minute, but try to enjoy this time.  Some of my favorite wedding memories are spending time with all of our OOT family and friends.
  • There is nothing wrong with you! This is such a big event in your life that you are probably a bit in shock! There is always a lot to be done before a wedding and it is never all going to get done or done "perfectly". Just try to relax and enjoy yourself!
  • im 5 weeks out and it hasnt hit me yet. I even went for my first dress fitting and was a little excited to go. I thought i would have wow or omg moment like ppl say they get when they have on their own dress for the first time but i didnt. I thought there was something wrong with me but realized there isnt. i think that its just that it doesnt seem real yet. my wedding day has been coming for almost 2 years so i know its happening but in a way its not real yet. i dont think its going to hit me till the RD when im walking down the aisle or the day of the wedding. i think its perfectly fine u have so much going on im sure so try and relax and enjoy these last few days of planning and then your wedding. good luck and have an amazing time
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