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Alterations recommendation

I am getting married out of state, and I bought my wedding gown out of state, but I live here (north Jersey, NYC area) and need to get it altered here (shortening, which needs to be done from the waist, the bustle, and taking in the bust - so a decent amount of stuff).  I'm pretty much terrified of choosing a place and I wish so much that I could just get it done at the shop where I bought it... but that is impossible. 

So tell me, who would you trust with this job??  Preference of course to somewhere with affordable prices, but I'm more worried about trusting them!
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Re: Alterations recommendation

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    KocurFineArtKocurFineArt member
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    I would check on Yelp. That's what I do for just about EVERYTHING. I've never looked for this type of thing on there, but I'm sure it's there. See what people are saying about seamstresses in your area, then you can make a decision from there. I would also call a few of those places and get quotes based on the work you need done.

    Good luck!
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    I don't know how far North Brunswick is from you but I used a woman named Nesrin.  She works out of her home and does fantastic work.  A few knotties used her when I was planning.  Email me if you are interested in her phone number,  moscatelloc @ hotmail

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    smw42smw42 member
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    I highly recommend Hollywood Bridal in Kennilworth and they cap their bridal alterations at $250
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    [QUOTE]I highly recommend Hollywood Bridal in Kennilworth and they cap their bridal alterations at $250
    Posted by smw42[/QUOTE]

    <font color="#008080">Ditto this!!!
    I am wearing my cousin's dress ~ and had it altered at Hollywood.
    They only charged me $190 for a whole bunch of alterations!</font>
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