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Hello everyone!
Has anyone used the loft at Gilly's for their venue? i'm getting married in dallas but i live in oklahoma and their website doesn't show much in terms of pictures. i am looking for a unique venue with the option to have different type of seating (no round tables and assigned seating, want more of a cocktail feel). We are going for more of a club/bar vibe if that makes any sense? different rooms, different size tables, different types of seating and a big dance floor.

is the loft a good fit? any ideas on other venues? Thanks girls!! 

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    Here are some comments I found
    We just toured The Loft @ Gilley's. It was really nice inside but we decided it wasn't the right fit for us because we need a space for outdoor ceremony. The rental fee is $1000-1500 depending on F&B and it had a cool loft feel and a great view of downtown.

    From her bio:
    This place was very nice inside and had a lofty (duh), modern kinda feel. The purple coloring would have matched our wedding colors perfectly. It had really cool light fixtures and metal beaded curtains hanging around the stage. It also had an excellent view of downtown. The deck was nice sized but was narrow, so an outdoor ceremony wouldn't quite work. The biggest complaint about this place was the fact that it is a live music venue, and while the main concert space is downstairs, I have a feeling we would hear or feel the music downstairs. Also there is no telling who could be playing there that night. There could be a metal concert and even though there are separate entrances, I would worry about guests being hassled walking to the venue and parking would be a nightmare if they were holding a concert the same night.

    Our wedding is October 8th, 2011 at the Gilleys complex in Dallas! Our ceremony will be held in the Brazos room, and our reception in The Loft.  The perfect location for us!

    Hopefully one of them will chime in with some feedback.
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    I am getting married at the Magnolia hotel and using their Club on level 2 with a gorgeous Mohagany bar. We are using cocktail tables and nothing formal sit-downish.
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    Yeah we toured there while searching for our venue. From your description, it seems like it may be a good match. It was definitely a club/bar vibe, and could have different seating as well. It was dark purple and had really cool lighting and a stage with metal beaded curtains, which were really cool. The view of downtown was really amazing as well.
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    I'm getting married there in October! I absolutely love it. I feel like its going to give a hip/modern feel to our reception. Our ceremony is also at Gilleys, but in the Brazos room.
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    Even if there are shows going on that night, theres no possible way that sounds will travel up to your space. And there is security  at all entrances to your party, so no haggles will make it up there to disturb you. :) If you want to check out my wedding website, I have a few pictures posted up there as well.
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    Awesome thanks so much!! I know the room is potentially on hold for my date but the lady who works there is hopeful things will work out. They have been amazing so far in accommodating me due to our situation! Turns out Dallas venues are very helpful and understanding when your venue gets shut down. We have been so pleasantly surprised!! Thanks everyone!!
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    Sounds like your wedding may be too large for my venue, but I'm having my reception at La Grange in Deep Ellum (it's a bar/venue/restaurant).  Link & info in my bio.
    Max capacity in the 150-180 range (not for seated dinner)

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    Hi there!
    I am a wedding consultant here in the area and have met with and toured Gilley's and The Loft.  It sounds like a great fit for you!  The staff at Gilley's, as well as their catering company, are all top notch.  And the venue itself is truly unique and has a spectacular view.
    If that doesn't work out for you, check out www.DelaneyVineyards.com.  It is a beautiful and unique venue in Grapevine that is also a winery and vineyard.  The Grand Barrell room will hold 300-400, depending upon your seating style, higher for the style you are wanting.  Your ceremony can be held in that room and then the guests will go to the patio after the ceremony and the catering staff changes the room over to your reception....which can be setup however you'd like.  Feel free to let them know that Melanie Hill referred you.
    I hope all of these suggestions and ideas have helped!  Good luck and congratultions!  Melanie
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    Thanks everyone!! i loved the loft, but today we stopped by "The Apartment" and it was exactly what I was looking for so we booked it! It has the "club" vibe that we were going for and some really cool looking accent pieces of furniture. I appreciate all the feedback! 
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