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Do we still invite guest's ex-GF who was on the STD?

STD went out months ago. One was sent to an unmarried couple of which the man is a friend of the Bride & Groom. At that time his live-in GF was, of course, invited. Had she not been the SO of this guest, though, she would not have been invited. 

Now, they've split. Should we still send her an invite or not? (She's even mentioned in passing how excited she is for the wedding. This was before their break-up.) 

This is probably on a sticky somewhere, but I figured someone would answer quickly ;)

Re: Do we still invite guest's ex-GF who was on the STD?

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    You don't have to invite her.  If you only knew her b/c of her relationship with the friend, it is understood that she was invited only as his s/o.

    But if you are still maintaining a relationship with her and seeing her after she broke up with the guy, I would extend the invitation to her.  If you don't invite her, it sends a clear message that you don't want to maintain the friendship.  Have you seen/spoken with her since the break up?  Would you want to?
  • Thank you! That is a decision my DD and her FI will have to make. I just wanted to be sure it would be OK etiquette-wise, whatever they decide. (Pretty sure groom d/n know the GF; DD does but they are by no means close.) She's a fun gal though; I kind of hope they still do unless it'd make her ex uncomfortable!
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