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October 2011 Weddings

The Bride Below Me [Game]

Here is how you play... I will start by saying

The Bride Below Me ..... and then something for some one else to come in with an answer (possibly contradicting it) and then you say another TBBM..get it.. ill start:

The Bride Below hasn't picked out her colors yet.

(Now the next girl, whomever answers next, will answer that with a "Very true, I'm still deciding on this and that," or maybe "Not true, I'm going with ___ and ___," and then makes another "The Bride Below Me..." type of statement for the next random October 2011 knottie to have a go.  I hope this makes sense, haha! It does to me, I found it on another board.
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Re: The Bride Below Me [Game]

  • Fun K!

    Yes ma'am, Dark Purple, Gold and accents of Ivory/Cream  (I had those right off and love them!)

    The bride below me has major dress ideas.  Bonus for Pics!
  • True, I'll probably be posting pics later this week.

    The bride below me hates tall centerpieces.
  • True! They're a pain for the waitstaff!!

    The bride below me hasn't booked her venue yet!
  • VERY TRUE!  I love subtle little things that make the table beautiful!

    The Bride Below me already has everything planned out!
  • Damn near.

    The bride below me is ready for the party portion of their wedding!
  • Heck yesss!!

    The bride below me already knows what delicious food she's having at her reception!
  • Not yet!!

    The Bride below me has asked her girls to be in the Bridal party?
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  • Indeed I have, only because I knew who I wanted and knew I wasn't going to get drama out of the three :P

    The bride below me is now thinking about what she wants for cake
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  • Oh yeah: lemon raspberry, chocolate peanut butter, red velvet...maybe a white cake with an amazing filling.  And then cupcakes of the same flavors.  Maybe Pumpkin thrown in there.

    The bride below me has an idea of where she wants to go for the honeymoon.

  • Negative. FI and I can't decide. It also depends on how much money we have!

    The bride below me already knows what her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is!
  • nmfriend2006nmfriend2006 member
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    I have most of it picked out I believe. Something blue will be on my garter, something old my gradma's hankerchief (spelling), the something borrowed is FMIL pearls, and something new is my dress.
    The Bride Below Me Knows What Time Her Ceremony Starts
  • all but the something borrowed and something blue

    the bride below me allready has picked her flowers out

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  • Negatory. Although at the moment I am considering blue hydrangeas.

    The bride below me isn't having a cake at their reception.
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    Yes I am!  As to what KIND of cake?  Not a clue!

    The bride below me is wondering what kind of awesome shoes she should get
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  • edited June 2010
    I did! "Your Guardian Angel" - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  ...But then we decided to go with a cake and punch reception which won't include dancing so we won't be using it for our first dance.  We will however be having music played in the background during the short reception and this song may still make the playlist.

    The Bride below me can't stand her future in-laws.
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  • Half true! I love my MIL…not so much her mean husband.

    The bride below me is going to be naughty on her honeymoon! ;-)

    gotta try out all the new sexy gifts from the lingerie party!

    the bride below me... knows what shoes she will be wearing!
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  • Actually, no.  I was going to do heels because the FI is so tall (6'6" barefoot), but I don't want to be uncomfortable, so I was thinking flats, but now I just don't know what to do.  But the shoes will NOT be white, why buy such and expensive pair of shoes that I'll only wear once?!?!  Probably get a nice pair of black shoes.

    The bride below me is debating about the bouquet/garter toss
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  • Nope, not doing either one of those!

    The bride below me has her wedding party chosen.
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