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My dress doesn't fit!!

I went to try on my dress Sunday and it would NOT close.  They remeasured me and my measurements are exactly the same.  They remeasured my dress and the bust is 1.5" too short and the waist is .5" too short.  I haven't been offered a solution yet from my store but EEEK!  I'm still freaking out here!  

Anyone else have any horror stories so far?
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Re: EEK!

  • Oh god.... My first fitting is Saturday and this has me freaking out !!!!! I hope your dress is within alterable paramaters. :(
  • Oh no!  Sounds like something with the designer!  I hope they offer you a solution soon!

    I went to try mine on this past Monday and it fits, thank goodness!  She said I won't start alterations until February so I'm hoping I can lose a few lbs by then.

    Good luck and keep us posted on what happens!
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  • Ugh, that doesn't sound good! Clearly a mess-up on the part of either the store (for ordering the wrong size) or the designer (for not making the dress according to the size measurements). I hope they can fix it; luckily you still have a number of months to go.

    I have yet to try on my dress (at all...it's a custom design), so I am nervous about that but I'm hoping it won't be a big deal. About 5 weeks to go before I can try it on...
  • OH NO!!!!!

    I would make them show you the order form they put in and DEMAND that they get you the correct size dress, rushed, at their own expense.  This is completely unacceptable!  Given that they're a bridal salon, they should know to order based on the biggest measurement - which, obviously, they didn't do. 

    They should have offered you a solution then and there - as soon as they realized the dress didn't fit.  Go in there today and demand to speak with the owner and get this fixed.  It's not like you have a ton of time to wait on another dress, PLUS time for alterations.  Then I'd report them to the BBB and slam them on every single wedding website and business ratings site I could find. 

    *GIANT HUGS*  I hope you can get something worked out!  The only issue we've had was a very minor one - the place we wanted to honeymoon has no rooms available.  But we'll deal with it.  Nothing near as stressful as a non-fitting dress.
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  • Yikes!  I was really worried about this and so thankful when the dress I fell in love with had a corset back.  I really hope they can rush a new dress for you!  What store did you order from?

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  • yah if they made a mistake like that they should have to fix it
    i was a bridesmaid and they ordered me a dress and it clearly wasnt that size when it came in so it wouldnt fit..and my measurements didnt change ..anyways yah the store should fix it you may need to be forceful on that.
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  • Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear. I hope they fix the problem ASAP.

    I'm trying on my dress on Thursday, but, like others, not altering it until next year. THIS is exactly why I want to see it ahead of time, though, even though my mom and FI think it's kind of silly.
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  • the shop should definitiely be responsible.  Is their room in the dress for it to be altered? If so, maybe the shop can take care of the alterations?

    Hope it works out!

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  • I am terrified of this happening. They didnt take my measurements, just clipped me in and said "You'll be ok in an 8"... well fast forward 2 months and I got my measurments done at the gym, and my hips are 3 inches more than the hips in the 8...so next month when it comes in, we shall see.
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  • That sucks!! But just keep in mind sometimes it has nothing to do with the girls you work with and sometimes it is beyond their control and they are doing everything in their power to get it fixed. And i promise they are jsut as frustrated as you are!! So please be unerstanding and don't lash out on them if at all possible to control it.  SPEAKING FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE HERE
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  • Bummer :-( 

    I'm gonna agree with jesslamb - Defiinately want to get it fixed and figured out. But give the store an opportunity to make things right. They may replace it or it might be able to be alterared out (many dresses can be let out a bit). No need to go bridezilla yet - you still have time and its hopefully something they are trying to find a solution for you.

    Now if they refuse to help you then thats another thing but hopefully between alterations or a rush order on a new dress you should be okay!  Try to stay positive I'm sure it will all work out!
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  • Oh yeah, so far they've been nothing but apologetic and super nice!  The one manager is on the case and she said on Tuesday she put in calls to Justin Alexander (my dress maker) but hadn't heard anything back.  Since it's clearly not on me, I won't have to pay for massive alterations or a rush charge.  I haven't heard from her since Tuesday, though; I will be calling first thing on Monday morning for an answer.  And to also kindly suggest they throw in the crystal belt that I want to add.  Because...yes.

    And given the style of my dress, I'm not sure it could be altered 1.5 inches in the bust.  I'd show you a pic (of me all dressed up on Sunday when I tried it on!) but FI is sitting behind me and I can't, haha.  It's Justin Alexander style 8557.  
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  • Glad they're being helpful!  I would definitely call Monday just so they know you're on their tail.  And yeah... that sash is the least they could do for you.  Fingers crossed that they agree.

    Let us know how things go on Monday when you talk to them.
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