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What are your plans for this weekend?



  • edited December 2011
    TGIF!! Today I am exchanging all the lingerie that doesn't fit right (mainly my boobies) LOL
    Tomorrow, find and purchase FG dresses, meet up with 2 knotties - Stebbe for candy table stuff, and Catsoy for my veil.
    Saturday night a BM birthday party.
    Sunday - Church & Dinner with family!
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    WR/NWR: Watching my fiance look at me like I'm nuts while I show him candy wrapped in vintage paper for the candy bar I so desperately want for the wedding :-)

    Have a good weekend ladies :-)
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    NWR: My niece's 3rd birthday party tomorrow- Dora the Explorer themed, no less!

    WR: Shop for honeymoon clothes and find some earrings for the wedding, Also have to figure out our first dance and some other must play's for the reception.
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    WR - I'm headed to The Whitney today.. we'll see how that goes

    NWR - Chillin.. HARD.. I'm so tired from that week I spent in DC. I had tons of fun.. but I partied WAY too hard.
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  • jodyk23jodyk23 member
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    Tonight: Start working on building our first vegetable garden.

    Tomorrow: Work on DIY stuff while FI is working on his motorcycle. Invited a few friends over to BBQ and hot tub.

    Sunday: Print envelopes for invites. They WILL be going out in the mail on Monday!

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    NWR, today FI has a softball game, and then we are heading north to our friends cottage in Lovells for opening weekend (trout fishing).  Most of us don't actually fish, but we do a theme every year and there is lots of food and drinks and tomorrow we are doing a 1k (in waders!) as part of the towns festivities.  If it's nice we'll float down the river.  :) 

    WR, I'll probably be working on invitations Sunday and start working on the ceremony.
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    TGIF ladies!!

    Not much going on this weekend for me.

    Tonight: probably some honeymoon excursion research over dinner and coffee at Panera w/FI. Then watching the Red Wings game at home.

    Tomorrow: possibly dinner and a movie with friends, and a thorough cleaning of the condo.

    Sunday: Red Wings game in The D!! Hopefully the last one of this round Laughing
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  • genahubbardgenahubbard member
    edited December 2011
    I'm going to "Cropping for a Cure" on Saturday in Redford. A former knottie posted the event on this board & it's a scrapbooking event from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  They serve breakfast, lunch & dinner and give you 4 feet of table space.

    During that time I'll assemble wedding programs, do all our wedding favors and work on my first scrapbook. It's basically a chance to do all that tedious wedding stuff completely uninterrupted while helping out a good cause!
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    TGIF! Its my last weekend as a single lady!

    Leaving work at noon for dentist appointment, then lots of running around dropping off payments, dropping off marriage license, pickup cards for WP, last few items to finish DIY stuff, drop off engagement ring to get redipped so its extra shiny for the wedding day.

    - Print programs and assemble
    - Cut, print and assemble escort cards
    - Shopping/Packing for the honeymoon
    - Confession (got to start off married life right!)
    - Clean house & get it ready for FMIL to watch cats & get mail
    - Email WP/Parents brief schedule and times they need to be places

    - Study for final exam
    - Packing and organizing for the move to our house

    Holy crap I'm busy this weekend.
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    WR - Gocco more stuff for invites today or Sunday

    NWR - Working Saturday...ugh :( Sunday just grocery shipping and cleaning.
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    Tonight: probably cleaning, relaxing, maybe watch the Wings while FI is up north

    Saturday: go to Lucido's to pick up wedding band and check out the bracelet options for my something old/blue watch...then on to take pics for work, then hopefully visit MOH and her new twins!

    Sunday: gym and hopefully relaxing

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    WR - my mom and sister are supposed to come tomorrow to get leah measured for her BM dress, but I just got word that she's sick, so who knows if it'll happen.

    NWR - packing! The whole weekend! We move next week!
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    NWR: FBIL college graduation tomorrow, and meeting FI's grandma for the first time. 

    WR: Printing invites!  Hopefully getting more of the cardstock cut for that too.
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    TGIF!  This has just been an out of control week at work and the weekend couldn't come any faster!

    Tonight-nothing really planned.  Low-key-prob dinner and a movie at home.

    Saturday-I have some DIY wedding stuff to do, FI was suppose to build our cupcake stand tomorrow-but now he may be working.  We also plan on making some finalization on wedding stuff and hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law.

    Sunday-probably church and cleaning.  But, FI may be needing to do the cupcake stand-so who knows!
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    Work. :'(
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    I totally forgot- FI's work peeps are throwing us a Happy Hour party at the Moose Preserve tonight! Free booze- YAY!

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    WR:  Nothing.  I'm taking a weekend off like all of you lovely ladies suggested I do.

    NWR:  Tonight I'm running up to Lowes and Home Depot to pick up some things for tomorrow's fun.  Tomorrow, planting my newly expanded and wonderful garden full of veggies, herbs & fruit.  Sunday, probably house work -- we've kind of slacked off the last few weeks.
  • emily1004emily1004 member
    edited December 2011
    WR- Dropping off final payment to bakery. Just to get it out of the way.
    Calling hair dressers and make-up lady to figure out the time on wedding day.
    Going to Michael's. I'm going to attempt one DIY favor, and see how it come out. It should be easy. (I hope) Call the hotel, get a few questions answered.

    NWR- Grandma's 90th Birthday Party!  Super Cleaning Sunday!
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    Tonight: Dinner and shopping around for rings for FI then watching the Wings game!

    Tomorrow: I need to find some pins for my hair...so I'll be going to the mall looking for those!

    Sunday: My hair trial!
  • GwenwhyfareGwenwhyfare member
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    edited December 2011
    Thank god! and I am off work tonight which makes it an even better weekend.

    Today: Work this afternoon, then we're going out for FI's Mom's birthday.
    Tomorrow: Cleaning up the apartment, laundry, working on our budget sheet and registering at BBB.
    Sunday: Nada. I have a feeling we'll be lounging around relaxing.

    Happy Friday, ladies!!
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  • Lakerchic7272Lakerchic7272 member
    edited December 2011
    WR: nothing- (except finishing school so I can later finish wedding stuff)

    NWR:  taking a friend's daughter's senior pictures. Then heading to said friend's house for dinner/ cards.  WORK, and more WORK. study and more study. Packing, cleaning, and getting ready to move next friday.
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  • cwimer6154cwimer6154 member
    edited December 2011
    NWR: Charity events galore!

    Tonight - attending (and helping to host) a bowling fundraiser for my Relay For Life team of Redford supporting the American Cancer Society.  Fun times! 

    Tomorrow: Golf outing for charity but as you can guess, we'll probably be rained out.  Hopefully we'll still raise lots of money for the Pendrickson Center for the Blind.

    WR: Probably not much due to the NWR activities.  FI and I plan on going shopping on Sunday for some HM related gear and supplies (hiking in the Smoky Mountains). 
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    Friday: Trying to rest and eat chicken noodle soup to get over whatever decided to attack me yesterday

    Saturday: Not sure if I have to work or not :/  Hopefully will be better so I can see my MOH and adorable niece and spend the weekend with FI. Also helping my mom clean and organize (a NEVER ending project)

    Sunday: Again, questionable on having to work. Probably will get an early start on my next class.

  • edited December 2011
    WR - Pre-marital counseling and picking up FI's wedding band

    NWR - Dinner at the Whitney for Detroit restaurant week with FI and friends, church, and cleaning.
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