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Bridal Shower tomorrow (June 27)

So, my bridal shower is tomorrow!!! I am so excited to see everyone but HATE being the centre of attention. They are expecting 60 people!

My mom an aunt made sandwiches today, and I went and helped out as I feel bad not doing anything for the shower. I KNOW I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO, but I am the type of person where I would still want to help out.

My mom has decided to do a vase of flowers (my wedding colors) for my table at the front and I think she is getting me a helium balloon as well.

Also, while making sandwiches today she realized that she making sandwiches that I particularly don't like, and some I can't eat. I told her not to worry about it, but she then went ahead and made me sandwiches I liked and wrapped them seperate with my name so she could put them on my bridal table for me.
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Re: Bridal Shower tomorrow (June 27)

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    Your mom sounds really nice! Enjoy yourself this day is for YOU!

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    My shower was great. Had about 45 show up. I  was there before the shower started and was able to say hi to people when they arrived.

    I got lots of awesome gifts and had 2 vehicles full worth to take home.

    My mom and 2 MOHs did an amazing job and my Jr. BM's were a great help.

    One of the best presents I got was from my MOHs saying they are paying the balance on my wedding gown!!!!!!!! I started crying like crazy.
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