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to invite or not

There is this girl that has been friends with one of my good friends for a long time so she started hanging out with the rest of us when we all went out on Fridays.  None of us can stand her but our friend.  Problem is that I don't want to invite her to the wedding but she comes to everything else with us.  I really can't find a way to not invite her since I'm inviting everyone else but if there was a way...I wouldn't invite her. 

Has anyone else gone throught this?  What did you do?  Thanks.

Re: to invite or not

  • Personally I wouldn't, but I'm trying to keep my list short. It's already grown because we forgot someone or people we thought wouldn't come are claiming they are.

    If it doesn't break the bank or really bother you to have her there, you probably should. Does she know no one can stand her? She might think you're all really good friends.

  • I would probably invite her..
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  • No, I don't see her outside of fridays and don't talk to her...even when we are all out I don't talk to her much.  I do want to keep the peace though too but... it's a tough call for sure.
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