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July 2010 Weddings

Registry gifts MIA..

Anyone else have registry gifts shown as "bought", but that you didn't receive? 

I'm half wondering if it's a typo (store messed up) or if we had presents stolen or if guests just haven't given the gifts yet.  It's a good couple hundred worth tho, so it'd be hard for the store to mess up that badly.  We did have the handful of guests not give gifts, but I'm assuming that's normal too.  The gift table was next to the bar and the bartenders are used to keeping an eye on things. 

Anyone else?  Or are you perfectly accounted for? 

July 10, 2010 Best. Day. Of. Life.

Re: Registry gifts MIA..

  • We have one gift missing, too- actually a few things, but purchased on the same day by the same person. It was from Williams-Sonoma, so they have the "Thank You Note" feature where you can see who bought what....but for that one, it says "Anonymous"!

    So I'm not really sure what to do. We also didn't get gifts from a handful of people, so it could be any of them?

    It was bought in early June, and it is a large gift. Most of our guests came from across the country, so they had stuff sent straight to us or gave cash. Only local guests gave us physical gifts at the wedding- but every local guest is accounted for. Argh!

    I'm considering asking Williams Sonoma if they can at least tell me what state it was bought in?
  • was it things that you actually registered for? if not, they might have bought them for themselves and forgot to tell the cashier not to check them off on the registry. we had a few of these.

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  • No we're missing a few things too.  We didn't get gifts from a bunch of people at the wedding and since then (the 17th) someone has dropped off gifts at my mom's house, we've gotten three in the mail and apparently there's two more coming after talking to friend's of mine.  That would explain the things that appear to be purchased off our registry.  Someone bought our blender months ago so I've been waiting and waiting!
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  • crnota- I would definitely ask Williams Sonoma if they could tell you information about it.  I wish my store had some sort of system set up like that.  But it sounds like they would be able to tell you what store it was purchased at.

    I guess missing a few gifts isn't that uncommon.  I just want that frying pan, and I don't want to go buy it with gift cards, then have someone drop it off late.  But yeah, Graceful, they are all things that we had registered for. 

    July 10, 2010 Best. Day. Of. Life.
  • We had a few things show up on our registry as bought that we never received, but other things we did receive from our registry weren't marked off.  We just assumed there was a glitch in the store's system and the wrong thing got marked. 
  • Glad to know it's not just me.  We only had a couple of random, odd things show up as purchased that we never received (such as coasters with our initial on them, though I saw those EXACT coasters at my BIL's house - hmmmm), but I was wondering about them.
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