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September 2012 Weddings

vendor vent.

You know what really irks me? Taking time from work and/or family time to go meet with vendors only to have them never return an email or quote. I have spent so much time over the past month meeting with caterers, florists and yada yada, and it really burns me that some of them can't even have the courtesy to send me an email. I met with a florist 4 WEEKS ago who told me she'd have a quote to me by that same evening, and I still have nothing. I've followed up and still no email. The appointment went very well and I was excited to work with her, but now I'm just insulted. They do realize that this is their business right?? Ok vent over.
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Re: vendor vent.

  • oh i have a good story to add to this. we were talking to this photographer - on a referral from a friend - we told her we were really interested to use her...just had a question about albums and pricing bc she said she doesnt really "do" albums - then what i am paying for?! (FI really liked her hence why we were even considering her) anyways. wrote her that e-mail about pricing....2 weeks later she comes back  says she hasnt heard from us in a month (not true) and booked another wedding.  i mean i know we never signed a contract or anything but...other vendors we have kinda been in limbo with have said they will reach out to us first if someone else wants them before booking...guess we should have known her policies....
  • If a vendor doesn't email me back within a day or two (business days), I usually completely write them off. If they can't answer a damn email, how can I trust them to show up on time/show up at all???
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