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I want to wear a double headband for my wedding, and I have a little brooch flower thing that I want to attach to it. So I need to find a completely plain headband. Anyone know where to find one? I found some places online but I really want to be able to try it on before I buy it because I have a weird shaped head and a lot of headbands don't fit or give me a headache. Any ideas where to look?

Re: Headbands

  • I would try places like Forever 21, Wet Seal, Express. Headbands are huge right now so every where is carrying them and places like Forever 21 always have accessories in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes.
    Oh, and I also have that headache headband problem and it's THE WORST because I love me some cute headbands! The ones that work best for me are the elastic ones because they don't hug that area behind my ear where regular headbands do.
  • I agree with PP, but  what about any accessory stores such as Claires or Icing? Also check drugstores...you will be suprised what you find! I have a big head, I can totally relate to having an oddly shaped head. I hope this helps!

  • Thanks! That's very helpful!
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