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Catholic Weddings

catholic/non-catholic wedding

my fiace is catholic and i am not.....just wondering what we need to do to be married at his church without me having to convert....

Re: catholic/non-catholic wedding

  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    speak with your FI's priest first.

    have you been baptized in another faith?

    it will require some paperwork, called a dispensation.  you will also have to go through all of the usual pre-cana (marriage prep) and you will have to agree to raise your children catholic.  while you do not have to be actively involved as far as teaching them the faith, you have to agree not to interfere with your husband's teaching of the faith to them.

    you may or may not be able to have the Nuptial Mass as part of your wedding.  that seems to vary by priest/diocese. 
  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    This all depends on your priest/diocese.

    M's best friend was married in the Catholic Church and her now husband is Jewish.  They had to promise "not to interfer" in each others faith and to be acceptiing of the differences in beliefs.  They were were required to attend pre Cana but did not have to agree to raise their children as Catholic.

    They had twins, a boy and a girl,  during the summer and the bride's uncle, a Cathoic priest, blessed both babies after the boy's bris.  They will not be baptized unless they choose to to so when they are grown but will be taught both religions as children.
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    We are the same situation - I'm catholic and he isn't - and just got married less than two months ago.  We had a Catholic wedding, not Mass, but the church would've allowed us to have Mass, no biggie - we just didn't want the whole awkward half-the-people-taking-communion-half-of-them-not situation.  We did pre-cana, but I did not get a dispensation of any kind, and also did not have to promise to raise our children Catholic - DH was asked to promise to do his best to share his Catholic faith with our children, but I was not asked about it, and was never pressured to convert in any way.  I was baptized in a protestant church, and confirmed, and I provided documentation of this to the church, just as my DH provided documentation of his baptism, first communion, etc.  It totally varies from church to church though, so you just need to decide what church you're getting married in and talk to them to see what they require.
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  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    Most of these questions really just seem to depend on the church, priest or diocese.  There aren't very many carved in stone situations anymore.

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    Hello ladies,

    yes, it does depend on the diocese and particular circumstances.  I'm Catholic, my FI is Baptist.  We are having a Mass.  Prooof of baptism, dispensation, pre-cana all required (I had to provide proof of baptism b/c I was raised United Methodist).
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