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September 2009 Weddings

@>~~~ Amanda ~~~<@

I would have kept up with the threadjacking, but I decided against it ;)BAsically, yes, hairsticks are just like chopsticks, only a little more prettier ;Pthis is the website for the woman I worked for:http://www.kjcraftworks.com/index.shtml[img]http://i28.tinypic.com/sesn5w.gif[/img]When my hair was down to my @ss (no joke) they're all I used.

Re: @>~~~ Amanda ~~~<@

  • But threadjacking is fun...o0o, pretty hairsticks.  If I'm going to this, I suppose I can't cut my hair for another month after the wedding.  Can't go to a RF with a bob, that'd just be silly!Now to just convince FI that buying a costume is a completely justifiable purchase within our budget...hmm...
  • Find crafty friends! ;) All of my garb was made for me by my friend and co-worker at the faire!  It's actually not that hard either, I just have NO skillz with a sewing machine.and no, dont cut your hair!  Blasphemy! :O
  • FI will be happy to hear about the hair, haha.Crafty friends, crafty friends...I don't think I have any, but I will find some.  I'll just hang out in front of Jo-Ann Fabrics.  It will work.I have to go to a conference with a professor now, be back in a bit!
  • :raises hand: I can be a crafty friend at times! I can sew!
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  • Well that is handy!  Do you have a sewing machine?  I see a fun night of cocktails, chick flicks, and garb sewing in the future...
  • Hah - I just envisioned Amanda standing outside JoAnn's with a sign saying "Will you be my crafty friend?"
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  • Haha, it would WORK!
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